Microsoft will slowly make vscode + github + azure more tightly coupled together and eventually a walled garden, this will be their Extinguish play.

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@conky to add to that, they're not going to outright forbid anything. They're just going to create a constant churn of new features, protocols and formats incompatibly replacing their old counterparts, while doing essentially the same job. But the churn will prevent anyone else from providing alternative open solutions and extensions, as they will constantly break.

@isagalaev yes!

Hey have you heard about Waypoint from HashiCorp? Totally new and cool!

*Otto by HashiCorp dies in the background*

(disclaimer: I have never used waypoint or otto, these things just connected in my mind at this moment)

@conky vscode doesn't matter too much*. You can drop it in no time. Don't have to contact Azure either. It's the GitHub I shun the most.

* LSP raises some suspicions, but at the moment is a force for good.

@dpwiz I don't use vscode and don't know what LSP is, I'm just speculating into the void 😃

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