I think whats happening with distros like antergos and linux mint is

a combination of anti windows users becoming smug and too complacent
devs not being able to keep up with the work they put on themselves

of course i'm going to keep riding the mx linux train
i do worry that one day the devs will be unable to maintain and we will be left with a basic debian with none of the mx linux advantages which would suck honestly

if yall did not order AEW double or nothing on PPV you missed an amazing WRESTLING event

it made WWE look like absolute trash

finally legit own a slim ps4

first thing i did while i still have internet is made a PSN account using @protonmail

if anyone has a psp still and you want to convert ps1 games into eboots this works in the latest wine stable version as of now

make sure you use the softmod on psp first though

oh cool now hughes net is running a script in my browser that sends me a warning about my internet being suspended soon

don't you love intrusive isps

@matt @mxlinux well i mean all the stuff mx manages would probably be doomed which would suck because mx tools are very useful

i'm really just asking for assurance

because now it seems like any not ubuntu distro could be just one blog post away from going away or reaching a bad point

@snapcraftio make a Ubuntu 20 snap edition were everything aside from the core desktop environment is built from snaps during the live usb install

with all these indie distros like antergos suddenly shutting down or suffering from dev depression

i would really like to see @mxlinux do a blog post about what mx linux would become in the worst case scenario

i think me and every mx linux user would want to know that our distro won't up and go away at some random point

MX 18.3-RC1 for testing:

Mostly a roll-up release, but there are some key updates, including a heavily modified installer and some UEFI boot fixes.


Antergos was a good distro
but sadly it did carry a lot and i mean a lot of arch bugs with it that seemed to creep up extremely often

i will still miss it

but when dealing with a distro that breaks a lot it tends to require tons of time to keep going
the devs are bound to break down at some point


epic can't even do a sale properly

during the mega sale accounts got flagged for fraud for buying a ton of games on sale

is it possible to upload videos to peertube and bitchute from a android phone?

that poll ended cool

looks like xbox 360 won

here is how i see xbox

original xbox < windows 2000

xbox 360 < windows xp

xbox one < windows 10

next xbox < windows 10 latest update version

yes i like xbox 360 the most the ui is snappy and it's a great gaming machine even with games that can't hold 30fps

it was acceptable for the first hdtv consoles

now it's a mark of shame with current gen

@Renowned_Linux_User i hate google
i do respect them for using chromebooks to make non informed users aware of the benefits of using an os based on linux

at least chromebooks are fairly priced thus showing how a win10 product key is used to overvalue crappy laptops

microsoft is shook and it needed to happen even if google had to be the ones who did it

btw before i head off

have you seen googles chromebook tv ad?

they literally attack windows 10 having viruses and blue screens

they also go after trashOS aka macOS

it's pretty epic

yall should check it out if you have not seen it already


How i am making a bad situation fun 

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