if anyone has a psp still and you want to convert ps1 games into eboots this works in the latest wine stable version as of now

make sure you use the softmod on psp first though

i bet they thought i was a valued customer when they throttled my internet even when i had data

when you only have five days of having the internet left and you want to make your desktop pc have an offline use case

the cracks are starting to show @mxlinux

sorry but i refuse to use 1.3.9 when retroarch has been on version 1.7.6 for a bit now

you have to waste time removing junk because we forgot how to make an iso without all this supposed user friendly software

I was hanging out on planet MX when i noticed a giant black hole heading towards us

everything went dark shortly after

when i woke up i was in a computer room with no sign of light other than a computer screen

i looked at the computer screen and here is what i seen

Damn i'm good

i predicted this like four months ago before talk of it even started

Alternative to zelda

Sounds are not as crisp if anyone knows how to improve genesis sound quality in lakka do tell

The story and level design are much better imo (unlike zelda i actually feel a sense of progression even with puzzles)

The combat is pretty standard button mashing however i like that the attacks have actual animations

it's pretty great

mouse cursor automatically moving while a controller is plugged in well here is the fix for many distros including @mxlinux

working on a cover for turok 1 gog

if someone with way more skill then me can do a dvd case side insert and a custom made back art based on the back of the n64 case that would be cool

a better front cover would also be cool

this is pretty much going to be the norm for all gog games i put on discs

basically i need it to look like a legit retail game that indicates it's a linux build

figured i would post this for reference before i swap my amd card with the nvidia one that is on the way

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