Samsung fold 3 update.

Playing XBOX games on the fold using game pass cloud is a whole new experience. Granted you can do this on some phones but the larger screen takes it to a enjoyable level.

I just played Fallout 4 and Halo on my phone over 5G with no issues.

Would anyone like me to do a video review of this phone and if so what would you like to see? Using it for tech like ssh and rdp or gaming or what?

@omnipotens i think the xcloud idea is going to be great if microsoft can keep on it and not give up on it a year in

it would pretty much force scalpers out of business

why pay $500 for a console when you can pay $15usd a month and get the samething

could you try to see if it runs on any of the linux web browsers or as an app?

if it actually works on linux i might give it a go next pay day


@nergal @omnipotens well you still have to get game pass with that $500 console and if you want the series S game pass is a must since it's digital only

so xcloud still ends up being a cheaper more reliable option

not to mention scalpers are selling the two consoles for double sometimes even triple the price

a solution: give the consoles for free and sell subscriptions?

@nergal @omnipotens they do have that all access program but you have to basically apply for a line of credit with citizen one

i did try it and despite my credit score and stuff being extremely good i got denied

most likely because i don't average enough money for them to approve me

kinda feels like a rent to own scam honestly

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