Last batch of release testing ISOs have been sent out to @Solus OpenCollective members in the Release Testers, Beta Testers, and Crew tiers. Hoping to see kernel 5.13.1 out soon, after that we are ready to go for a new release. I have everything prepped already 🙂

If you are not part of our OpenCollective and would like to support the development of Solus and its software, head on over to ♥️

@JoshStrobl hoping one day yall get rich enough to start an indie game studio
getsol games maybe?

maybe host some game jams promoting linux game development and all that bonus points for using solus

@codythedragonrude I think we are busy enough as it is building an operating system.


@JoshStrobl true but maybe write the idea down
never know if it might come up a few years from now

especially if the solus team ever starts getting bigger

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