so lets say systemd did something so bad you could not feel right using any systemd distro anymore

which non systemd distro would you use and why?

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Disclamier, i don't mind systemd, and these are the ownly 3 distros i can think of.
Atrix probobly. Uses openrc and is pretty simular to arch, i think it would serve me well as a daily driver.

My second option i think would be guix, it has its own init system called shepherd. Not gonna say this is an easy distro to daily, but i hust have so much fun while using it.

Third, parabola with openrc, again, arch based, but still pretty usevall

Artix - give choice of init: runit, openrc & s6 (arch)
Antixlinux - solid, been around a while (debian)
Obarun - s6 init
Most slackware distros
Gentoo/funtoo & calculate Linux - openrc - solid
Void Linux
Nutyx (an interesting French distro)
I've used all at some stage, solid and dependable: calculate Linux, antixlinux & slackware.
Enjoy the journey 🙂

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