with all these indie distros like antergos suddenly shutting down or suffering from dev depression

i would really like to see @mxlinux do a blog post about what mx linux would become in the worst case scenario

i think me and every mx linux user would want to know that our distro won't up and go away at some random point

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@codythedragonrude @mxlinux wouldn't it be a simple matter to just point the sources.list file to Debian?

@matt @mxlinux well i mean all the stuff mx manages would probably be doomed which would suck because mx tools are very useful

i'm really just asking for assurance

because now it seems like any not ubuntu distro could be just one blog post away from going away or reaching a bad point

@codythedragonrude @mxlinux Well I suppose the long term plan could be to upstream the MX tools to the Debian repos.

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