My linux story the short version 

I was running windows 7 and it would constantly crash my video editor during rendering and corrupt the file my audio editor would also freeze for no reason

i got tired of it and googled alternative to windows found out about ubuntu12.04LTS got overwhelmed by unity found linux mint learned a lot of stuff like wtf a kernel was


i have been a linux user since then i won't even support windows users with their issues because windows is a pain in the ass


Supporting windows is a pain, but just you wait. Windows will completely incorporate Linux, write programs that can run in Linux but only with Microsoft libs and force users to stay or switch.

It's coming!

My linux story the short version 

@codythedragonrude my first choice was xfce and it did my experience so much smooth. i'm really happy to have a linux distro as my . i tried other distros too but mint was fabulous for me as a newbie for linux.

My linux story the short version 

@dru18 i went full cinnamon because back then the first thing i seen is the thing i would use lol

My linux story the short version 

@codythedragonrude I started out with Ubuntu 11.04 but went back to windows (cause games) then one day kinda randomly decided to install arch linux (that was an adventure) and have been using linux ever since.

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