you can add vivaldi to the list of browser that can no longer log into or use google services

went incognito so it would not save it as a search history result but even regular sessions result in the same message

if lbry loses the case against the sec it's going to set a precedent that the only way you're allowed to compete with youtube is if you do the same exact thing youtube does

dial up died the moment ADSL became affordable and even ADSL is having trouble keeping up with the evolution of websites

i like mxlinux i just hate the amount of cluttered software it comes with

like software for dial up

if you're using dial up in 2021 i would have to question how old your computer is and how you have the patience to wait four hours for the most minimalist pages to load

found a wii for dirt cheap at the flea market so getting that all softmodded

also good to see priiloader is still going strong

my favorite batocera discord support questions are

why won't dreamcast run good on my pi4?
why does ps3 emulation run so bad on my igpu based computer running batocera?

it's like

dood come on you really think batocera is magically going to make a weak intel igpu run ps3 games
the dreamcast is because flycast sucks and redream is not 64bit based on pi4

cool so now twitch is now doing the whole if you do something messed up in real life we can hold you accountable for that

good to know amazon wants to own my off the internet life makes it easier to never want to stream on twitch again

i have zero interest in oddworld soulstorm since the only reason it has no linux port is because it's an epic store exclusive

so soon we will find out if record labels are the problem because twitch is finally in negotiations with record labels

just use dxvk

and that's exactly why they never bring the linux ports to gog

but people think it's helping linux gaming

yet another game that has a linux port on steam but not on gog

the game is so rigged

The batocera pi V0 was the canakit glossy case

The batocera pi4 V1 is the iuniker case with the fan set for low speed mode

improvements over V0
Bigger fan that's just as quite
Matte case over glossy finger print magnet case
Actual grips on the bottom instead of felt so the case won't slide around
Way more vent holes

if you gauge how broken an OS is based on the obs changelogs
windows 10 is pretty frikin broken compared to linux distros

just remember

without open source developers

that ps vita and ps3 exploit you're going to be using when sony shuts down PSN would never exist

if i decide to be a lying scumbag and do videos again despite saying i was done

how would you want me to record PS1 games?

this is 100% the batocera pi V2

the bigger fan and way more vent holes should help it stay much cooler than the stock pi4 case i have with it's tiny fan

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