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vgdunkey is now an indie game publisher with the goal of helping good unknowns find an audience

if you're working on a game and you need help with distribution in this insane world of digital gaming here you go

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due to the original instance being so broken i have decided to jump to the newer one

the man who composed one of the best riffs in halo history is still kicking ass on the guitar

the genesis version of devils crush is terrible
the table is smaller the flippers are smaller and losing a ball feels more RNG then it does natural
the only real benefit the genesis version has is a score board on the right side that tells you which stage you're on

stick to the turbographx version
and if you get impatient use the code
it will put you close to the maximum score the game allows before just allowing you to access the ending
you still have to play it but yeah

$550usd for a cpu
suddenly my claims about desktop computers becoming luxury products is not so wrong

google announces shorts are monetizable

suddenly everyone who never did shorts before does them now

i have calibrated the lens cleaned everything and still it won't read cdr or music cd but it reads official ps1 discs perfectly fine very weird

this ps2 slim i acquired is cursed

it will read everything except cdr or official music cds

it's very strange

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