they hate us cause they ain't us


The “Bitcoin is for white supremacists” narrative is catching steam!

Weak. Lazy. Expected.


i could capture psp footage from the psp itself
however i can't get this working

compiling these are pretty tedious

if you use peertube cool
however i'm not convinced enough to invest my time and effort into a platform that is not as future proofed as odysee

theirs too many variables that make me not want to put time into peertube

everyone uses different places it does not have to be mine or nothing

yes i could create my own instance
the problem
well i would have to leave my server computer running 24/7 and if the net ever goes down i would imagine the instance goes down as well

yes odysee servers could go down as well but so far it seems like they have not had such issues
also they have way more resources to get the servers up and running quickly

while i think peertube is a cool idea in theory
the problem is
you're at the mercy of a random user who could easily disagree with an opinion you have and shut you down because of this

odysee is different because it's not hard to find the people to contact should anything happen they will work with you not come back with well you can stream here but you can't have an opinion on a subject

i gave up on pc gaming
it's tedious and my isp is data capping my net in march so no digital games for me

so if anyone with program making skills wants to turn this into an easy to install flatpak or something like that

you would be helping psp 1001 owners

i did order a cheap rca/svideo capture device

i know the quality will probably be shit

but it can't be any worse then converting av to hdmi

i do plan on streaming
i'm waiting for odysee to roll out streaming to everyone

it's in invite only beta right now

waiting for an adapter to get here and then i'm going to give twister os a deep dive on the rpi4

and by restoring i mean i had to give up my old mobo because the original hardware was from 2003

the original mobo had a single core celeron with 256mb of ddr1 and even if i could salvage it
it gets worse because the traces under the cpu were corroded and eaten away

ok so this computer i'm restoring for a family member is going to use linux
however i need to find a distro for someone who does not know anything about software

basically a distro that tells them when they need to update and basically holds their hand through everything


onionshare though

really nice gui program and sharing files over tor because why not?

this is my 10th year of using

linux gaming is now directx first vulkan second

more capture devices work now than ever

systemd is still a cluttered mess but it's the standard for some reason

amd made proper drivers in the kernel instead of relying on fglrx

nvidia still can't decide if their drivers should work or be buggy and broken but hey at least they like xwayland now LOL

gnome 3 is just as bad as unity in terms of overall design

kde is pretty good now no panel crashing anymore

firefox takes handouts from google

i'm talking a truly independent web browser that is feature rich and survives from community funding

google removing sync from chromium is a tell tale sign that a new web browser that does not take handouts from google needs to become a thing

so i'm considering streaming games with no mic cause i dislike talking over games
i like enjoying the games with almost full attention

however things i will leave open to the community

1. Which website should i stream games on?

2. Do you want me to upload the vods to odysee youtube or both?

3. Should i include options to help me order capture cards and stuff?
Remain self funded?

4. What genre of games should i focus on the most when streaming?

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