oot on switch expansion pass is the worst version according to speedrunners

it's faster as in the framerate is fullspeeded by default

they removed all the fog effects

the controls are sensitive and bad

some of the textures are fucked up such as the golden gauntlets which appear dark black instead of gold

it's nowhere near accurate emulation

you can have mobile games but only if you agree to googles drm terms

any bypassing of this drm will result in prison time torrentfreak.com/bizarre-dmca-

Unpopular thoughts of the day 

When gay people rioted during the beginning of the aids pandemic it was genuine and the people actually believed what they were preaching

In 2021 it's a mix of people who believe what they preach and people who don't really believe what they preach but just want to be included in the group

We need to start calling out the fakes so that we can get a discussion going from the reals

This also applies to trans people

i never really got into the nintendo DS i was more of a PSP guy during that generation but this is a pretty cool devkit gamedeveloper.com/programming/

why is a giant wrestler doing moonsalts?

you see what happens when you do shit you should not be doing? nodq.com/news/lance-archer-hur

concussion city is not fun i should know i have had three concussions

the gta 3 remaster main character looks like a fortnite skin

that's how bad it is

like you can emulate the ps2 ports and make them look better than the remasters

hell you can play the og xbox port and get a better looking game

the gta trilogy remasters show us why sometimes better graphics do not make for a better looking game

notice how they don't mention you can switch to the vulkan api youtube.com/watch?v=fax-YPAvuq

we will see how this plays out then

tested the flatpak build of xemu

the videos for kung fu chaos got choppy but the game itself ran flawlessly

you have no excuse to not play kung fu chaos now

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