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Good morning internet from beautiful Malta. A sizable chunk of Canonical are here for an Engineering Sprint. As a remote worker, it's great to get together with colleagues (and friends) in the same place to get stuff done. Even better in a pretty location by the sea :)

just gave manjaro arm a go
it's amazing
think manjaro lxqt community edition but in an arm environment with the latest 4.20 kernel and 2019 firmware
not good for my use case
if i traveled a lot
i would make full use of manjaro arm on an rpi3
i would probably get the touchscreen for it

xbox one and the windows 10 store are a failure

everytime a game launches on the win10 store it's either encrypted files or massive bugs

microsoft needs to give up on the idea of controlling the way you play games

Windows 10 store and the files are encrypted
this is microsoft as win7 support gets closer to ending

So glad saints row 4 has a linux port

i tried syncthing but it's ui is way to confusing for me i need something basic and easy to figure out

also going over a new strategy for storage without a cloud service

raspbian on a rpi 3 with ssh enabled and a custom password set

that way i can filezilla ftp into the rpi 3 from whatever computer i want to

finally got the svideo sorted for my usb capture device
there will be minor rainbowing on white colored objects like text but it's worth it for the boost in quality svideo offers

been using manjaro kde as my only distro really enjoying it have not even thought about distro hoping

i'm only having one weird issue upon boot sddm won't load until i press shift a couple of times

surprised there is no brasero snap or flatpak unless i'm missing something

i don't plan on doing the other characters story for dishwasher since it's more of a what if story than the actual story of the game

if you want to experience it buy the dishwasher vampire smile on steam it's ten us dollars

and yes if i ever find an actual working crt monitor you bet i will get that for retro games

i actually got that 480p 4:3 led screen tv from a flea market for $30usd
it displays 1024x768 in vga mode

which is actually good for retro games
as you can see other uses like putting simplescreenrecorder off to the side while being able to monitor what it's doing

in retro game setups it would be the opposite of that as i prefer to play retro games in the 4:3 they were designed for
N64 emulation of games like zelda oot really hate widescreen aspect ratios

i honestly enjoyed using this program to record the dishwasher vampire smile
60fps did not effect the game at all recorded like a champ

any pro kdenlive users out there know how to get rid of rainbowing text in capure device footage?

like a filter or something

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