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if anyone wants to hook me up with games before i get a chance to buy them here you go
not required or anything just frees up my funds to do other stuff like getting a better graphics card

Leaving tomorrow last thing I want to say I hate android tablets and autocorrect can go die in the pit of hell

You may think your Gmail account is private, but Google disagrees. Google told a judge that users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy." Proton = privacy.

I was going to come back but a pretty bad family emergency happened was asked not to say anymore than that right now

I only have two days left before I go back home still miss you all

when you want to distro hop but you have no usb flash drive or blank dvds

the struggles man

linux mint 19.2 is a good story about how the linux community will actually come out of nowhere and help a struggling developer

linux mint 19.2 xfce has beaten xubuntu for me

Upgrade to: Linux Mint 19.2.

Linux Mint indeed is a popular Linux operating system / this video shows how to upgrade from 19.1.

Linux Mint lets you choose the Linux kernel freely, no automatics.

Users like the fact that it is THEM who make the decisions, not some piece of software. A similarity amongst so many Linux distributions.

There's nothing one couldn't accomplish on Linux as on Windows nowadays.


Still no internet i am using a family members net to type this

first raspberry pi 4 is way beyond anything i expected very much makes the odroid xu4 pretty irrelevant now and they let you choose how much ram you want which is also cool

second the next xbox is going to be garbage they are using the ssd for virtual ram so enjoy that failure within a year due to ssd deteriorating

third i will be back at some point miss all my fellow linux users

keep the code going and the open source strong

I think whats happening with distros like antergos and linux mint is

a combination of anti windows users becoming smug and too complacent
devs not being able to keep up with the work they put on themselves

of course i'm going to keep riding the mx linux train
i do worry that one day the devs will be unable to maintain and we will be left with a basic debian with none of the mx linux advantages which would suck honestly

if yall did not order AEW double or nothing on PPV you missed an amazing WRESTLING event

it made WWE look like absolute trash

finally legit own a slim ps4

first thing i did while i still have internet is made a PSN account using @protonmail

if anyone has a psp still and you want to convert ps1 games into eboots this works in the latest wine stable version as of now

make sure you use the softmod on psp first though

oh cool now hughes net is running a script in my browser that sends me a warning about my internet being suspended soon

don't you love intrusive isps

with all these indie distros like antergos suddenly shutting down or suffering from dev depression

i would really like to see @mxlinux do a blog post about what mx linux would become in the worst case scenario

i think me and every mx linux user would want to know that our distro won't up and go away at some random point

MX 18.3-RC1 for testing:

Mostly a roll-up release, but there are some key updates, including a heavily modified installer and some UEFI boot fixes.

Antergos was a good distro
but sadly it did carry a lot and i mean a lot of arch bugs with it that seemed to creep up extremely often

i will still miss it

but when dealing with a distro that breaks a lot it tends to require tons of time to keep going
the devs are bound to break down at some point

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