you see 8k 120fps gaming i see video games becoming even more expensive to make to satisfy people who will never be satisfied

it's crazy how much of a media machine the ps3 is

with UMS you can basically turn a pi 4 into a DNLA streaming box for consoles like ps3

PS3HEN 3.1.0 has been released
should auto update as soon as you enable hen

no new features it just supports the latest hybrid firmware version

the answer to linux gaming is not encourage developers to make linux ports by making it easier for them to do so
it's instead
translate directX to vulkan which means microsoft has won the api war to the point that even vulkan bows down to it

you gave them this control

Latest update from the official website for PS3HEN

PS3HEN 3.1.0 Is Currently Under Development!
HFW 4.89.1 Is Currently In Testing!

if you are getting exited with error 256 on lutris here is how you fix it

cd into

/home/(your username)/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/(your wine version folder here)

as of now it would be /home/(your username)/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64

now copy and paste this into terminal

sudo mv bin/ bin-backup

next copy and paste this into terminal

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ /home/(username here)/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64/bin

what do people actually think about linux mint debian edition?
is ubuntu actually that bad?

if you have a PS3 do not update to 4.89 as it's possible they might have patched out the webkit exploit used to hack it

me personally though if i had to choose well it's a price war

when i do eventually upgrade the gpu it will be based on price not by brand
it's nice that eventually drivers will just be in the kernel regardless of which of the three gpu brands you choose

i know people are going to say but for gaming it's still closed

calm down these things take time the fact that nvidia is already releasing the code as open source means they are working towards this

this is going to be rough at first but give it time

eventually when you install a linux distro the nvidia driver will be part of the kernel not a tick leeching off of the kernel

i really only use my 750ti cause it's low power high performance for 720p gaming well that and gpu encoding works on it

my amd R9 270x is ok as well but i have to manually switch to amdgpu kernel drivers to get it to support vulkan rendering properly and in doing that i lose gpu rendering which is buggy as heck under radeon drivers anyways

what this means is nvidia amd and intel gpus will now be truly plug and play if you choose to use linux

you won't need to install nvidias proprietary drivers anymore unless you use a legacy gpu which is probably end of life support wise anyways

i think it's cool honestly now people can truly choose which gpu vendor to get behind

while i am a friend of ska studios i can't agree with their decision to be epic store exclusive

so i probably won't be buying salt and sacrifice unless it comes to gog

i don't like drm platforms especially those run by tim sweeny one of gamings biggest hypocrites

and intel is being very transparent and is aware of the competition they will face

intel graphics cards could be what linux users want open source drivers that rival the other two in vulkan performance and supports gpu av1 encoding so the cpu can stop complaining

if you have not been paying attention the intel gpu has a Gui and is leaning heavily on AV1 encoding

we might finally get gpu AV1 rendering on a gpu the size of an EVGA 750ti

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