i thought i could go the whole day without anyone noticing but i got noticed

yes i went back to mx linux
it just feels like a distro made by people who think like me


it seems like everytime i move to another distro bad stuff happens like instability

so i'm all mx linux now since it does not give me problems

if debian ever falls so be it
but for now
i'm going enjoy this debian mx linux ride

as of today i am part of the bald linux nerd clan

first time ever going bald
it's very much a weird adjustment

the GOOGYA is basically a chromecast inside a controller that streams over the internet

calling it right now minimum 5mbps upload for 720p with minor pixelation
under a net neutrality being gone world
the throttling is going to be epic

so i just discovered a neat little program for og xbox called xbmc emustation AND it has title updates and actual og xbox dlc in it's downloader tool

stuff you can't even legally get anymore

what do you all think about the possibility that debian might not be able to maintain itself in the coming years?

so far i have played cave story wiiware
nxengine evo
lakka arm build
the og xbox homebrew port
all i want to play now is the steam version

if someone hooks me up with a copy of cave story+ i will thank you more than you realize

been trying to play all the versions of cave story

the citra emulator is neat but i don't like that you can't split the screens apart between two monitors

whats your distro of choice? respond with the distro icon

i might be suffering from a manjaro curse of some kind

first my file manager goes insane

then half of the power in my room goes out from the pc surging power

manjaro had a weird moment today dolphin file manager went insane everything got slow and unstable feeling

luckily a reboot seemed to fix it

why would i ask a snap dev to please add these music files to the game when they probably have like ten other more important bugs they are fixing?

complete waste of time

seems like appimage might be a better solution
i do like appimages as well because until a new version of the program is released
you can back up the appimage and it's good to go no redownload required

just to be clear i like the idea of snaps i just hate the execution of them

i use linux to do whatever i want to the os

not have software tell me no you're not allowed

if i wanted that i would run windows 10

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