so my plan has kind of backfired

i like the desktop experience on RPI4


it's not really the best

lots of cpu optimizations needed and all but kde seem to have issues with compositing some not even bothering to even try to get rid of screen tearing

and while kde is great it's a bit heavy on the rpi 4 hardware as expected

really am enjoying the @kde experience on manajros arm build

the biggest surprise is that the compositor actually works like no slowing down the rpi4 8gb model at all

really hope the kde team puts more work into arm devices they really do have something here

if you're using a raspberry pi 4 with manjaro arm kde make sure to switch the compositor to open gl 3.1 or you will have a bad time

gamerOS is pretty legit
dirt 3 is running better on this distro than it has on all the ones i have used

correction vivaldi does have a arm build it's just deb and rpm format only and luckily for me someone updated debtap finally

vivaldi has no arm support
firefox runs like trash on this rpi4

seems like chromium might be the only option

rpi 4 is here setting up manjaro arm kde edition

i tried xfce and it's just a mess compositing is bad disabling xfwm compositing and using picom ends with worse results like extreme screen tearing

what kind of content do you all want to see from me? the floor is yours

after researching all the options
i am going to go with manjaro arm
it just seems way ahead of the curve

i really can't wait for the official RPI vulkan driver to be finished it's going to enable so many things

gonna put gamerOS on the desktop and go single monitor

this will be my new do everything aside from gaming computer now

8GB version

hey so uhhh is the RX570 any better on linux than a R9 270x? or will it pretty much have the same issues with proton gaming?

if anyone has a RX570 and owns dirt 3 complete edition
could you try running it on the latest official proton and the glorious eggroll latest release?

results i'm looking for

does it stutter with vsync off
does it hit 60fps and above?
does it crash when the benckmark test tries to load the results?

can someone explain why lutris wants to install the entire gnome desktop?
such an odd requirement

can anyone do some testing and help me get dirt 3 working in proton with an amd gpu

lots of stuttering and crashing for me no matter which version i use including the GE version

theirs no protondb entry for the game neither

i don't mean to become another one of those political people


i went to walmart to get a new mouse for the pc today

a surprising number of people of all races even elderly folks not even wearing a mask or obeying the six feet rule walmart enforces

this is fucking disgusting
and yes rednecks even wearing red shirts to announce they are republican trump dipshits

this is why half the US is going to be dead by the time this shit ends

not to mention it's very light on both cpu and ram

yesterday i opened 15 programs and it used 2.1gb of ram and 12% of my amd fx eight core cpu

that's very good

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