yes i went back to nvidia

the amd card i have was drawing to much power which was causing voltage surging issues with my wall outlet

so i laid my computer flat so the front case fan could vent air and not be smothered by the floor
well these are massive temp drops

it used to get way hotter than this

i can't believe konami the company that's known to be garbage actually just gave us drm free versions of metal gear games

oh btw raspberry pi status update

i did fix the sd card it's most likely my usb sd card adapter

what i did was usb boot into manjaro arm kde
and then from that i inserted the sd card into the pi4 sd card slot and formatted it
and there we go it works again

if i ran this much power in my current house my power box would explode so badly it would be like if a C4 went off in my house

@strider release lutris 1.0
announce retirement from project
put all work on gitHub/gitlab
lutris gets forked


the plan

you install edge and it adds edge.d to systemd

edge.d mines your browser data the perfect init service

xcloud but only with edge you also need to enable some systemd edge.d data mining services for it to work

two things i have learned about the linux community recently

1. they complain about privacy on twitter while using google search and other spyware services

2. people who complain about proprietary software are using at least one proprietary program

like if you asked me which non systemd distro would you recommend

i could not answer that because i know none of them will be new user friendly

i guess what i'm saying is

non systemd distros need a ubuntu

like a distro that is the face of that area of users

i can't even say one is that

so far
void linux
Buggy hobby distro

artix linux
It's arch so things break pretty often

Terrible installer

yet another hobbyist distro

until an actual good distro is made
systemd distros will take over

so i just tried devuan in a VM

you want to talk about terrible installers
this one is right up there with the rest of them

it's confusing tedious and the end result was failures during install

i'm not anti microsoft at all
i disagree with things they do
i also disagree with stuff on linux as well
like everyone thinking systemd needs to be the only init system that exist
gnome 3 requiring a browser add to install extensions which is tedious

my advice and this is completely up to you but if you get a raspberry pi 4 just update the firmware and setup usb boot

of course i'm going to recommend gator cables on ebay

cause all the cables i get from them are robust and have not let me down

that is the company i will be getting my usb to sata adapter from

wellp microsoft now owns zenimax

yet another set of studios that will be forced into using DX12 even if they hate it

rip that quake remake i was hoping for

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