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if anyone wants to hook me up with games before i get a chance to buy them here you go
not required or anything just frees up my funds to do other stuff like getting a better graphics card

made a lbry account
already discovered one bad thing
people can lock their videos behind a paywall

something i have always disagreed with

so i tried linux mint xfce and manjaro kde

i like both
the more i use them

the more i keep saying
well yeah but mxlinux does this better

so i might be making use of that mx linux snapshot i made

linux mint and manjaro are really good distros

but i guess i just settled on mxlinux at this point

what i mean is full internet

right now i'm using a very slow mobile hotspot due to bad reception

when i get internet back expect to see a lot more exclusive to linux rocks peertube videos

i'm going to be doing a lot of stuff involving gog games

maybe looking for games that don't have a lutris script and doing some derusting to make a script

and technically it's not a straight talk phone it's pretty much a phone connecting to a verizon tower with no contract

so guys it happend

i reached over 60gb on my unlimited straight talk plan and they did not deactivate my service

those rumors are either false or those people actually did break straight talks terms of service

If someone with way more skill then me wants to port this to qt5 if that is even possible

i would be thankful

switched to manjaro kde

way faster than i expected on this old laptop

i might actually move to kubuntu

this weird thing keeps happening were most of the programs i use are made using some form of qt

just some weird thing i guess

also i got wiibackup fusion working but styling does not work some sort of gtk library bug or something

btw i have not completely left mx linux

i have a 1tb hard drive that contains a snapshot of what i was using before i moved to linux mint

so far it's been no luck

only two gui programs for wit exist for linux and both are very outdated

ok so the video i was trying to work on was going to be like an E3 press event styled video for the wii open shop channel

two problems though

1. too much time

mainly due to having to make a flashy animated open shop channel logo to be satisfied with my work
(i got problems i know)

2. would be better if people submitted videos to be included in the highlight reel

which in itself would take way to much time trying to go through the vids to make sure they would be good enough

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