so i was going to try void with mate but i've discovered that everything except for KDE and Gnome have been marked as orphaned packages

makes sense given that void is more of a hobby distro than a well maintained one so narrowing it down to two DE is probably easier for them

so i decided screw it i will go all in with @Solus budgie

hopefully @JoshStrobl and the rest of the team get that budgie panel thing sorted out
even if it means i need to have a panel on both monitors

i know solus has a mate build as well but i don't like everything pre setup like that

void gives you a base mate setup and lets you do the rest

debating on giving void linux mate edition a try

seems like once you combine the brisk menu with mate you basically get xfce only in less developer turmoil given the current state of one of the main xubuntu maintainers wanting to do something new like maintain elementaryOS

How a discussion about DRM being bad goes 

DRM is bad

You know steam has drm free games right?

Yeah but why would anyone with a brain want to dig through the cluttered mess of steam to find them when gog an entire platform built with drm free gaming in mind exist?

you know gog has drm games as well here is a forum link to like five games out of an entire platform

ok but can you download steam games and not need steam to play them without dependency issues?


that's like the only thing holding me back from fully enjoying budgie

if a game fullscreens and freezes or has any issues alt tabbing is sometimes not something that works

that's when you need the panel to manually right click and close the program

unless you want to end up in a hotkey nightmare

even though i'm using @Solus KDE right now

once they make it where you can either have a budgie panel on both monitors or move the panel between monitors i will start using the budgie edition

let overgrowth be a lesson that maybe just maybe you should not rely heavily on the steam api and steam keys for your game

especially if you plan on releasing it on other platforms

overgrowth is four years old and still cost $30usd

so maybe it's not valves cut they should be worried about

instead they should worry about selling a four year old indie game for more than $15

honestly overgrowth should be sold cheaper on itch gog and every other game store

so what if valve removes the game for them doing that

valves loss i say

looks like the devs of overgrowth are basically saying i want my game on epic game store but let me try to sue valve first

if linux is ever going to have a chance of being a gaming platform it's going to be this

my hope is that proton leads to native support but it could go the bad way were devs just go use proton if you don't use windows

it's going to create even more hell for them if they say that and people respond with but protons not working

good now companies like apple microsoft sony nintendo and all the phone makers can stop putting warranty stickers on stuff

it's a bit worrying that the main person whos maintaining xubuntu wants to move to elementaryOS

i wonder if this means XFCE has finally got to a point were it can't sustain itself anymore

one time somebody made a shareware snes emulator until 1997 due to getting mad that people cracked his emulators activation

never try to make emulators for profit it will backfire

it should not matter if you disagree with the content

being taken down for showing people how to use open source software is dumb

the framework laptop is pretty neat

if i was in the market for a laptop it would be one of my considerations

halo infinite beta releases

does not work on proton on day one

welcome to linux gaming

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