ModChat 045 - PS4 Pirate Sued, RetroArch Switch/PS2, NES Switch ROM Swaps w/ Modern Vintage Gamer

lots of good stuff

like reicast bringing dreamcast online back

must resist childhood PSO addiction

a group of crazy people are attempting to get retroarch to function on the PS2 yes the actual PS2

nerdom bless them for trying :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

one thing i never want to do is rely on official repositories especially on ubuntu based distros

so much distro dev time would be taken trying to keep those up to date

community packages are only as good as the community maintaining them

in the end i really don't think we will ever find the conclusive solution

snaps and flatpaks tried but they ran into a lot of the same issues aur packages did and still do

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so my intel lga 1150 mobo broke one of the ram slots died out caused a power on issue

put the old am3+ mobo back in both ram sticks work and everything is fine now

sorry intel fans

i swear to nerdom if anyone says self compile over doing it the easy way

i will put the shame stamp on you

simplicity will always win to me :blobthinkingeyes:

would you trust a ppa or a flatpak?

would you trust an aur package that needs a gpg key added or a flatpak?

the real questions

so apparently youtube is so messed up that an official trailer for fortnite from the actual publisher (allegedly) got copyright striked this is well pretty EPIC 🙃

just got offered a golden opportunity to convert someone who is having no ip found issues on windows to linux

which distro to use for someone who literally has no understanding of computers and just wants to go online in a web browser

it needs to be fool proof and extremely simple

looks like microsoft is showing there love for linux by purchasing game studios so the games will become locked to the windows 10 store

according to the package list manjaro has finally updated to gnome 3.30 so you can @ me now

well i mean technically i would have to buy the storage device but i will take that one time fee over a monthly subscription

32gb flash drive combined with syncthing on a raspberry pi 3

free cloud storage basically

whats also neat is i can go even higher on storage space without paying for it with this method

well i got my project for this week

syncthing has a snap package and a gui flatpack talk about combining the power of flatpaks and snaps

youtube seems like it's going to be the hard one to replace

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