Taking Into Account, Ep. 20 - Windows Privacy, IRS Migration, Adobe on Linux, MS Linux


Bryan and I have yet another #Solus Hackfest planned! Bryan will be working on device detection via Sysfs for linux-hardware-qualifier and I'll be working on the Help Center document indexer. Join at youtube.com/watch?v=ggBwAUjaZS on Saturday, Dec. 15th at 1500 UTC!


my going away message will be this

keep the :linux: strong and the open source going

don''t forget to laugh at win10 users who hate the experience but refuse to do anything about it

they bring it on themselves

see you all in four to six months

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the answer is void linux with kde plasma installed which started with lxqt

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how do i change the default icons in void linux?

i have some icons displaying as the theme i want but then others display as default icons

if void linux has taught me anything it's that i need a syncthing setup badly

megaNZ is decent but when it does not have a package for a specific distro it sucks

i really hate having to worry about this

i think the only real issue void linux will have is the same issue solus has

a custom package format that people won't support because supporting a ton of package formats is hard to do

that being said they have quite a bit of xbps software i surprised to see even obs-studio in that list

this will sound a bit entitled and bold but void linux deserves some support man

they really have something cool going on here

now if only i could find a donation link on there website and toss them a cup of coffee

yes the icons are stock i have not changed them to numix square yet

the one thing i really love about void linux is it comes stock with these

so i can add
Option "TearFree" "true"
not need a compositor

so consider me in the void for now
i'm going to give this distro a go

so i figured out my void linux issue
it was my fault

i setup the mirrors the wrong way basically made it harder than it actually is

i really want to give void linux a second chance i did enjoy what it offered
i was only having mirror issues

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