My conversations app hasn't been able to connect to the linuxrocks.online XMPP server due to a TLS negotiation failure. Looks like it expired on 2/28 fyi

This is crazy! But I notice a few things that can differentiate between AI generated faces and real ones but they are really subtle.

Eyes, teeth, ears, and the occasional "google dream" like errors in the photo. The errors have that purple/multicolor whisps familiar to google dream images.

The eye's iris sometimes have an odd pattern, ears misshapened, and small errors in the teeth area.

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I highly recommend Termux on android. It really enables me when I'm on the go but need to SSH into work to run some quick scripts.

This picture shows me running Termux -> SSH to my laptop at home via OpenVPN -> SSH to work computer via OpenVPN -> Tmux running a Python shell writing/running functions on the fly for QA.

Termux (Terminal emulator with packages) - f-droid.org/app/com.termux

Sad day. You did good work Opportunity! 😒

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NASA is saying goodbye to its Opportunity rover on Mars after eight months of radio silence t.co/6a5FmnjRUs t.co/O4yU6La5QT

Social media pet peeve 

When people post many, many posts a day, yet when you reply to have a conversation with them, you're ghosted and they don't reply back... πŸ˜‘

I may be guilty of it from time to time but if I don't really have anything to respond back, I usually favorite their comment to at least show I acknowledged it.


Yay, they're gone! Thank you mods or @indonesianlanguagetranslator@linuxrocks.online for knowing better spamming rando links.

Looks like @indonesianlanguagetranslator has moved... πŸ€” 🀫 @fosstodon

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This is what I mean. The last photo is of the side roof cavities that I can easily run a fish tape through. Going in the attic and trying to get a line out to the side cavity is, um, lets just say its a headache.

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One thing I've been working on recently is installing a security system for my home. I'm going as DIY as possible to avoid vendor lock-in, and allow me to use any IP camera that uses PoE, RTSP, and ONVIF. Using FreeNAS for the storage, and a zoneminder FreeNAS jail for the software.

Also got a cool new PoE extender switch that allows me to run one Cat6 STP line over 802.3at and serve 4 PoE cameras over 802.3af. If you have to run cable through an attic, you would love this!

Finally got to moving to different domain for my hosted services at home. To do that I need to update my nginx reverse proxy and use certbot to get new SSL certs from letsencrypt. Also, its always good to revoke your old certs!

Couldn't do it effectively without tmux. If you're in the CLI and aren't using tmux, you don't know what you're missing!

For new Linux users who feel overwhelmed by the amount to learn in their new o.s. consider that arguably the world's leading authority on Linux, Linus Torvalds recently said: 'Nobody knows the whole kernel anymore', and that that was ok. Kernel-space is the core of the operating system but user-space is where the everyday applications people use are located. User-space may be 5 to 20 times larger than kernel-space. It is impossible to know all of user-space. Start small: pwd, chmod, cd, etc. #linux #noob

Ok, I'm finally going to get to manually installing Zoneminder 1.32.3 as a iocage jail in FreeNAS 11.2. Their plugin doesn't seem to work so if I want something done, I guess I'll have to do it myself...


Usually I have my Thinkpad docked and connected to 2 Samsung 27in curved monitors (C27H711) in my office. Ahh, this feels better πŸ˜‰

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