You think that the linux community is toxic, then you find out about Table Top RPGs, then you dig into watches, check some gaming sides and in the end you understand. The linux community is not toxic, people are just horrible on the Internet.
(To be clear, my experience with the linux community was always positive, but we all know that not everyone is as lucky)

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@toxicafunk I wasn't that active, I'm not a content creator and I never published any code. I was also most of the time hanging out in smaller linux groups, not seldom focused on new linux users. I think that could be a reason. I also know that a lot of new users had a VERY positive impressions from the community.

@citizen_brown well, depend in the community. QlI find thw archlinux and manjaro community thw more toxic and elitist. But in general, I found athat when the community is smaller, it tends to be more friendly. :blobcatcoffee:

@Jayrive I had a similar observation. I was always hanging in smaller linux groups, it was fun and I had a lot of support from everyone. Maybe it would be better to say "every big communities toxic minority is big enough to be troublesome. In smaller communities it's still present but small enough to be ignored."

@citizen_brown As long as nasty interactions remain a surprise, a place isn't that bad overall.

@malin That's very true. Every community, even the smallest have people that are not fun to deal with. Most important - one troll doesn't mean that the whole group is garbage.

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