What's better, then spending benefit points from your company on a TTRPG system book?

Who else things, that writing documentation in MS World is a terrible idea? I always waste so much time fighting with the formatting...

Star Trek Discovery was taken down from Netflix and of course there is a Change.org petition. Was there a single time when a petition made a corporation change their mind on something?

Sometimes I wish I was again in my teen years, sitting at midnight in front of my old CRT monitor watching anime and reading web-comics.

Japanese food drama is the strangest thing for me, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I can recommend it to everyone!

So - who was following the Linus Tech Tips Linux Challenge? Yes, Linus nuked his desktop but other then that it seems it's going pretty good. On one of the WAN shows, they even stated, that for non gaming every day tasks Linux might be better then Windows.

Haven't checked mastodon for a long time - I don't know why but I thought that changing my OS from Elementary to POP!_OS was a good reason to come back. So.. Hi!

We have decades if not centuries of written dystopian world visions and we are still surprised when something bad happens. If that wasn't a waste of time.

Polish fantasy author Jacek Dukaj has written a Sci-Fi book were he described a concept of a meme war. MEMES. No like our funny internet memes, but still, crazy idea.

Do you know the orchestral versions of Rock or Metal bands, like Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra? I remember reading about the reaction of the orchestra confronted with a public that was singing WITH THE SINGER DURING THE CONCERT ITSELF. I know some of them know how rock and metal concerts look like, but it must have been an incredible experience for them.

WhatI'veLearnedDuringPastYears - We are reading more then ever, but shorter texts at a time. We don't even have the patience to read more then just the headline of an article. Maybe that's the reason we also don't have the patience too read a whole response in a treat, but just scan the text for our opponents mistake.

I see that for some people Mastodon/Fediverse is the modern age Journal. I think it's a great way to use it.

Funny, a Youtube video i working on my phone, but not working from my browser on my laptop: "This video is unavailable in your country". Both devices are on the same network.

"Whatsapp is is sending data to Facebook, let's migrate to Signal, but first let me check my Facebook wall and check my unread messages on Messenger"

I know I'm lazy for not searching in a search engine, but I found on our mighty fediverse the suggestion that xmpp and matrix are better then signal. Can someone explain why? I assume that the self hosting aspect is a strong one.

Bought a CD, unpacked them and popped into my CD player - you don't have so much fun with digital! Later I will rip it and never ever touch it again ♥️

A hypothesis - lately I was interested in the world of chess and I found out, that the best players need to beat a good physical condition. We are talking about a sport were you sit in front of a board or even a computer (more common lately).
Maybe a healthy body is indeed needed to reach our best intellectual potential?

I'm disappointed. I'm using Linux for more then10 years as my desktop, I have no idea for how long everything just works, I don't really use the terminal and I'm not a hacker. I want to sit in front of a computer with sunglasses and a black coat!
I don't care, I'm buying a black coat.

When you want to watch Ghost in the Shell, but your DVD drive is too loud, so you end up with Gundam Wing. Could be worse.

PS.: Tallgeese is awesome.

(To make that more explicit:

It's easier for her to do her work with Adobe software than with more ethical software. She works to get people (or keep people) out of prison. Personal liberty trumps software liberty, even if it does create some cognitive dissonance.)

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