Persona 4 Gold is on Steam. Did someone already test it on Linux?

I've watched an anime about a young professional shogi player that is struggling through life. The anime is cool, but I suddenly got the urge to relearn chess and now I'm watching a bunch of YT videos explaining various tactics and famous chess matches.
The anime title is "March comes in like a lion" and is not the typical "game" anime where the character are playing with the most ridiculous poses and screaming all the time - it's the opposite, there is really little of the actual shogi itself.

Reminder: The world isn't worse (it's actually better in a lot of ways), but everyone's got a camera now

I heard Bethesda will be removing the current antycheat solution from Doom Eternal. Hope they will not screw this up again.

Taking into consideration how many old games are no longer distributed, if I would have any charisma, leader skills and knew what In exactly doing, I would try to gatter talented indie developers under one project and target a hardware standard for handheld gaming to recreate the experience from those old games in a new, modern way. If we were lucky it would be an evolution not just copying.

I really miss a small pocket size gaming handheld with official games like the old GameBoy Advance. I would love such a device even with only digital download. Unfotunate my only option is something like the Bittboy PocketGo and to load it with my own ROMs.

We need to remember, that Linux PC gaming is still the worse gaming options. It doesn't give any advantage over Windows PC gaming (maybe some games run better but it doesn't really matter). If I use Linux and want to play some games from time to time, then it's more then enough. If I'm passionate about video/computer games and want to play the newest and most interesting titles including AAA, then I will always miss out on something without any other benefits to my gaming experience.

OMG! I just realized that books had a Netflix model for centuries! It was not digital and called a library, but rest was the same. Pay a fee, have access to a huge catalog of titles that you don't own.

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

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It happened. I cant grasp which software is secure, which is moral if tje code is open, partially open, open but on closed servers, closed but open servers... I only know, that I want software to work for me. He funny part - it doesn't make a bigger diffence for me if the source is open or not, I don't understand the code so I always have to trust someone else.

Es scheint vielen deutschsprachige Konten auf Freiverse zu geben. Sind Mastodon und ähnliche wirklich so populär in Deutschland?

Life again proved that we have almost no control over it. I'm not sure if in the face of this truth a individual should try even harder to gain control or just let it be and live like it didn't matter.

It's again that time when I'm playing with the thought to start a blog. I feel like in the last 5 years I not only stopped to develop as a person, but I regressed. Writing would be a good opportunity to work on myself. It would be also a good thing to do something productive outside of my day work (which I don't like that much lately). I will write mostly in Polish, so I will probably not post any links here.

Got from my wife a Xbox One S All Digital. I wasn't planning to buy a new console, but I really appreciate it. It's the first modern system (have also a 3DS, but I wouldn't call it modern). It has no physical media, but it makes not a bigger different for me in a time of 20GB patches. I'm also using the Game Pass and I love the service, I can play games that I normally wouldn't try out. I know that one day I won't be able to add new games, but it's ok. It was a nice surprise and I love it!

mask offer 

If you
* Live in the US or are willing to split the shipping cost with me.
* aren't allergic to cats, because I can't get cat hair out of anything, I have 2 very long-haired cats and one short-hair going through her spring shed.
* don't have an easy way to sew or 3d print your own masks

I will make & mail you a mask!

Said mask will be out of a selection of cotton or linen-cotton fabrics in my house, will be of the "fitted" variety, and will come with a pocket for filter material.

My Linux friends, I've got a question. There was a ssh login attempt to a sever, I have the IP of the server where it was tried. How tried to execute the connection? From which account the command ssh username@server was entered?

It's like the writers of the show said "it's a really good book, now lets make it better!", but it's not.

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It looks like almost every scene in the Witcher Netflix Show is diffrent from the book. And a lot was added. I don't really understand why.

I'm watching the Netflix Witcher show. It's a good show, but so many changes to the books, that I feel uncomfortable. If you watched only the show, please try the books.

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