WhatI'veLearnedDuringPastYears - We are reading more then ever, but shorter texts at a time. We don't even have the patience to read more then just the headline of an article. Maybe that's the reason we also don't have the patience too read a whole response in a treat, but just scan the text for our opponents mistake.

I see that for some people Mastodon/Fediverse is the modern age Journal. I think it's a great way to use it.

Funny, a Youtube video i working on my phone, but not working from my browser on my laptop: "This video is unavailable in your country". Both devices are on the same network.

"Whatsapp is is sending data to Facebook, let's migrate to Signal, but first let me check my Facebook wall and check my unread messages on Messenger"

I know I'm lazy for not searching in a search engine, but I found on our mighty fediverse the suggestion that xmpp and matrix are better then signal. Can someone explain why? I assume that the self hosting aspect is a strong one.

Bought a CD, unpacked them and popped into my CD player - you don't have so much fun with digital! Later I will rip it and never ever touch it again ♥️

A hypothesis - lately I was interested in the world of chess and I found out, that the best players need to beat a good physical condition. We are talking about a sport were you sit in front of a board or even a computer (more common lately).
Maybe a healthy body is indeed needed to reach our best intellectual potential?

I'm disappointed. I'm using Linux for more then10 years as my desktop, I have no idea for how long everything just works, I don't really use the terminal and I'm not a hacker. I want to sit in front of a computer with sunglasses and a black coat!
I don't care, I'm buying a black coat.

When you want to watch Ghost in the Shell, but your DVD drive is too loud, so you end up with Gundam Wing. Could be worse.

PS.: Tallgeese is awesome.

(To make that more explicit:

It's easier for her to do her work with Adobe software than with more ethical software. She works to get people (or keep people) out of prison. Personal liberty trumps software liberty, even if it does create some cognitive dissonance.)

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Imagine if we would have the same thought process when buying computers as when buying houses. The costs for a House is not only the House itself but also locks, security, heating, maintains etc. Why don't we think when buying a computer about backup costs, hosting costs? 🤔

I think I'm more scared of losing my data then third parties having access to my data 🤔 No justification here, no logic behind it. Well, maybe I know what consequences losing my data will have, but I can never know if something really bad will happen with breached data. I I know it could, but still 🤔

2 days ago I took my old mouth harmonica, repaired it and got back to playing it with it. Because of that I also listened to some old and new harmonica players. And I found this. A freaking beatbox harmonica monster. Thank you Internet for miracles like this!|

To my friends from the USA, I keep it short. Keep strong, a mob can't destroy your democracy.

You think that the linux community is toxic, then you find out about Table Top RPGs, then you dig into watches, check some gaming sides and in the end you understand. The linux community is not toxic, people are just horrible on the Internet.
(To be clear, my experience with the linux community was always positive, but we all know that not everyone is as lucky)

I upgraded today my trusty old thinkpad to a SSD. You know what that means - my laptop is running now with the power of science and magic! Nothing can stop me!

The LBRY android app has picture in picture! That' a pleasant surprise!

I you are a fan of good music, especially video game music, then I would like to encourage you to check this videos.

It's the recording of the last Game Music Festival organized in Poland performed by live orchestras.



I hope someone will find enjoyment in it.

Since I'm back on mastodon, I can as well check LBRY again. I'm curious how it's working on my Android Phone.

When I think about it, the fediverse is also like a journal, only others can read it 🤔

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