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Looking at my YouTube analytics and I can certainly see why so many YouTubers I watch are putting content behind paywalls these days.

Just watching the gradual decline in content as creators become disenfranchised or move on is quite sad; both as someone who creates and consumes content.

Hi guys!

Rudloff is getting work hard on #fdroid to give us more options apps, high quality apps.

But now I want to introduce to you a great...really great alternative to #2fA (two factor authentication) app by G and Authy, I just to show you...#FreeOTP+.

Test it and get more security into your accounts.

Don't forget, share it, someone can use too.

Thanks all time of @fdroidorg .


what is LUKS?
baby decrypt me
decrypt me
once more

Not a bad looking desktop, if you ask me. Plasma looks quite nice and feels quite polished here. :manjaro: :linux:

I got KDE up and running with no major issues. I installed the Brave browser via Snap package and that worked as expected. So far so good.

I've been thinking about giving :manjaro: :linux: a try. Anyone about who uses it? If so, how are you finding it?

Saying minecraft has retro graphics is a bit misleading, it does have a retro art style but making everything blocky actually catapulted open world game design far into the future in terms of the complexity of systems within open world games and how interactive and terraformable their landscapes could be.

Hello Fediverse! Thank you to @ChrisWere for his video including a shout out to Mastodon. I'm already loving it!

Lubuntu (the lightweight flavor of Ubuntu with LXQt desktop).

The Lubuntu dev team finally switches from LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) to the more modern and actively maintained LXQt (Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment), the switch is now official.

LXQt gives users a classic light desktop with a modern look and feel, supported for a long time thanks to the Qt technologies (KDE Plasma is built on it too).


We’d like to give a shout out to our over 320 supporters on! Your support makes elementary OS possible :)

Random story:

I first discovered #Inkscape when I was a college intern at Red Hat. John Palmieri needed a logo for dbus, and I lamented there wasn't an open source vector program to create one, and he introduced me to sodipodi.

At times I wonder what exactly HTML-enabled e-mail has improved:

* phishing, definitely,
* illegible e-mail because fonts & stuff never look the same at the other end,
* bandwidth wastage,
* forcing people to "load remote content".

Once I was in an argument where HTML e-mail was meant to help those visually impaired but surely a text reader has a much better chance of getting it right with plain text?

Another day, another text message from claiming they've called when they haven't. I remember when one time recently they claimed to have left a voicemail. I don't have a voicemail.

Uh oh! A new vulnerability has a fancy hashtag, ominously suggests GPG is broken, doesn't follow disclosure rules?

"The GnuPG team was not contacted by
the researchers ..." - wk at

Let's see how overblown this hypetrain is. #efail

These stress headaches are making it really difficult to work at 5:30am.

@omnipotens Librem 5. January 2019.

I don't like the price, but I appreciate that these things have to start somewhere, and the current system means you vote with your wallet.

Fun fact: Windows versions went directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10 because when software detects what version of Windows you're running, an awful lot of it uses "Windows 9*" to identify Windows 95/98.