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Chris Were 🐧

"LyricsPoster" is a neat #OpenSource web app that lets you recreate a photo with text (designed for lyrics, but you can use any text). Here's a photo of my cat Penelope recreated using text from an upcoming blog post.

How many bees could a beholder hold if a beholder could hold bees?

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I just felt the power of the #fediverse, and I was pleased when I figured out what I'd just seen: a podcast that was uploaded to a #peertube instance with a #hashtag I follow showed up in #mastodon. Awesome!

For all the new peeps on! :mastohi: (Seen a lot of you now 😅 )

Usually new people here write a type of introduction toot talking about who they are and what they do with an #introduction tag 🤠

#mastoart and #creativetoots are the big art tags :krita:

And this picture thing explains the UI :star_eyes:

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Big FLOSS-creation update today boys!

Still more work to be done as currently most of the pages are just lists of software, I'm planning to have more information and stuff in the future. But for now it should be sufficient.

If you don't know what it is: FLOSS-Creation is a resource for creators making art, videos and music with free, libre & open-source software.

Make sure to support me on Patreon if you like the work I do! 😁
#flosscreation #FLOSS #FOSS #opensource

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>why computer is running slow again?

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Everyone else shared screenshots last night so I may as well

It's still Sunday in other countries, I hope that counts. :P '

Apparently 60 beta can convert email from mbox format to maildir format.


maildir just seems a more efficient format than mbox, and much more compatible across email programs on Linux.

Lets see how it handles converting an email folder with 34,000 emails in it (no joke!)

i3wm - Termite - Neofetch - Cmus -cli-visualizer

because im cooler than you

@ChrisWere Nice dark theme. Myself I run currently i3 with dracula theme mostly everywhere. On the screenshot, emacs, ranger, feh and newsboat.

First post after migrating over to LinuxRocks; running , Materia GTK theme and la capitaine icons.