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While I'm slowly moving away from Gmail, I'm still in a dilemma whether to move services like Amazon or keep using Gmail for that... or even get a second email, which would make things even more complicated... :)

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Got rid of the status/panel in i3/herbstlufwm completely. I use rofi anyway, and in combi mode, it will show all running windows with workspace names. Even better than looking at the panel.

The only thing I miss are the date and time in multiple timezones. Have to find a way to show it on the background.

I think people jumping and deleting their Facebook accounts, should maybe take a moment first.

Currently, it is not clear how complete the process actually is. Under pressure, and maybe due to the upcoming EU GDPR, Facebook could make the process more thorough or transparent. People who have already deleted will not be able to "delete more".

Just a thought...


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..