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I think the Dell U4919DW, with a resolution of 5120x1440 is my ideal monitor :)

How serious is the abolishment of Daylight Saving Time in EU countries?

Hopefully, it's for real, and other regions follow as well. Never understood the need for it.

Hetzner cloud is advancing really fast. They seem to be adding new features every month.

At this rate, it's going to end up so much better than DigitalOcean.

One of the biggest wars on the Internet seems to be "tracking for advertisement" vs "blocking".

But, do ads really work? How effective are they? Do people click on them? Do people buy things through tracking based ads?

There are articles here and there, but Is there a serious unbiased study on this?

I keep forgetting, not everyone on the Fediverse is a Linux user 😀 :linux:

The first distro I ever attempted to install (unsuccessfully) was Definite Linux 7. Because, it came on a magazine at around 1999.

Unbelievably, what appears to be their website, still exists. Last updated year 2000 :)

I wish Firefox would include a simple "follow-the-hint" functionality built in, so we don't have to install extensions with extensive permissions.

Finally, got QMK working on a Tada68. A new era of keyboarding has begun 😀

Is there a way for an XMPP server like Prosody, to force all messages passing through to be using OMEMO?

Simply for the sake of the server, to not retain any personal messages, even for a short time.

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt: "I think the most likely scenario now is not a splintering, but rather a bifurcation into a Chinese-led internet and a non-Chinese internet led by America,".

Led by America? And the rest of the world just goes in line, and lets Google decide what we can or cannot see?

Anyone ask for any Internet leadership?

In my case, I started out with the classic typewriter layout, by sticking labels on the keys. It was a mess, and couldn't be done at work.

I have since taken a more pragmatic approach and moved to phonetic.

For starters, I'm not even sure the traditional layout is scientific.

But more importantly, while it may work for large languages with ready made keyboards, insisting on solutions that most people will not do, would actually be hurting the language in the current digital age.

People who type in non-Latin alphabets:

Do you use phonetic layouts? Or do you use dual language keyboards (or stick labels) and use classic typewriter layouts?

The problem with the second approach, is that such keyboards may not be available in certain situations (like work), which may result in people not typing in their native alphabet at all. Another problem is typing transliterated in the Latin alphabet.

I wonder how others approach such issues, especially in endangered languages.

Does anyone else feel guilty, when moving away from a program to an alternative, after happily using it for a very long time?


:archlinux: Arch
:centos: CentOS
:fedora: Fedora
:opensuse: openSUSE
:gentoo: Gentoo

Where is the CentOS icon? ☹️

You know you're a robot when you repeatedly fail captchas.

Finally, Nextcloud 14 is released!

Looking forward to upgrading over the weekend. :nextcloud:

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