After working from home, in peace and quiet for 2 months, how do you go back to the crazy, hysteric, office environment?

A month of OpenBSD and it has become so serious, I need to start thinking about backups...

Just because a company appears to have e2e encryption, doesn't mean buying them will make your own, completely unrealted software magically encrypted.

Sound more like a marketing move.

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Zoom acquired Keybase today.

Keybase helped me to identify a trend in the software industry: using a pretty UI to cover up the disruption of an open ecosystem with a closed, centralized replacement. Keybase seemed cool on the face of it - making encryption easier is a laudible goal, and PGP certainly could use the improvement. But, thanks to Keybase, now I ask different questions upfront.

Beware the Keybase formula:

1. Integrates with an existing, open ecosystem
2. May have open-source clients, but server is closed source and does not federate
3. Pretty UI and good marketing
4. VC funded

Finally installed OpenBSD after postponing it for so long.

Really surprised how clean and simple everything is. True "keep it simple".

Looks like I will be sticking with it on the laptop. Already replicated most of my setup.

Working from home, when your work development environment is Windows based is not a pleasant experience...

Other than GUI everything, shift gets stuck, windows key stuck, sudden random key presses sending windows flying everywhere...

Saw someone lower their supposedly anti-COVID face-mask to smoke... 🤦‍♂️

If only the Internet could generate a much more justifiable hysteria around smoking.

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Hello world!

We're slowly making progress towards our first product. It's a standard 65% PCB with hotswap sockets. It's powered by the open source software QMK and it features a standard ISO-layout to fit as much people as possible.

Our goal is to make custom keyboards easy and available for everyone.


I've had Wallabag (self-hosted read-it-later service) for years, yet I have never read anything later... Just save and forget.

While technically it works great, it seems this model is not for me.

Anyone else have Christmas Eve today?

Merry Christmas!

My phone is barely holding on, and I need a dual-sim anyway, so I am now forced to get a Google Play phone, with no LineageOS support for the foreseeable future... :(

I guess I should try to remove Google Play Services, if at all possible... Samsung has it's own stuff... Maybe my only option is Huawei...?

Unfortunately OnePlus is not available here, otherwise they seem to be the most friendly for custom OS.

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If you love working on the command-line as much as I do, you may like what I have been working on recently!

Meet glow - a stylish #markdown viewer for your shell:

It's really heartbreaking when I see people buying huge monitors > 34", yet with low resolutions not corresponding to their size...

What's the gain, other than things appearing larger?

I'm surprised remote unlocking of LUKS partitions via ssh isn't built into standard installations of CentOS.

Is full disk encryption on remote servers not a common requirement?

I don't know of any other way to ensure data is "wiped"/inaccessible on drives physically not under my control. Drives that may be used by others in the future.

Ever since I decided to try OpenBSD on my laptop, two new versions have been released...

Looking forward to CentOS 8, so I can finally have a Nextcloud install without external PHP repos.

I think I'll start from a fresh install and not an upgrade, although it's going to be hours of work...

Maybe an opportunity to finally setup an Ansible script.

I don't understand... Search engines are going to PAY Google??

How is this an improvement?

So if you don't want other search engines to pay Google, you actually need to select Google at the screen and then change it later on from settings...

I still don't know what Keybase is :)

Is it for key exchange? Is it a chat app? Is it for linking ones different accounts together?

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Thanks to Microsofts latest Github decision, developers learned:
a) that you should prefer federated services over centralized ones
b) even in IT, you can't be "unpolitical"


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..