Finally, was able to trick the net installer to allow me to set an alternative mirror.

I should have probably looked into a scripted version of the installer...

Anyway, minimal install option looks as expected :fedora: 👍

Sometimes, I think no one on this continent is a Linux user...

For example, Fedora mirrors always default to Japan, which is on the other side of the world, and extremely slow... It has become even more painful, now that it seems to be auto-updating... It took me a while to find and disable this...

This is why I prefer ""do-it-yourself" distros where you build it yourself piece by piece.

Interesting open approach to creating new tutorials and documentation.

And if you want to get them all for reference, just clone the repo.

Am I being extra paranoid, if I absolutely refuse to buy or sell any mobile telephone device?

For buying, who knows what data has been on that thing, or what it has been used for.

For selling, how can I ever know everything has been wiped 100%.

Phones are tracked from the day they are produced to the day they are physically destroyed. I think it's too much risk owning another unknown persons "tracking" device.

Why is 'b' on vim so slow, while on Emacs evil it's just as fast as 'w'? Something wrong in my setup?

Just discovered Patreon sends your email address to the people you subscribe to. Not sure why this is necessary, or if it is mentioned anywhere.

I should have used the + thing...

At least this explains the scam email I got to a brand new email address...

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I don’t want to get people too excited, but my email letting FOSDEM know about those conference videos I’m posting on PeerTube has started a positive discussion on their mailing lists about possibly supporting the platform. 🤩

I will continue uploading as planned for now as it may not happen, and even if it does there’s still value in not having to manually sift through every video yourself to find the good ones. 👍

Looks like Posteo needs to find a way to solve the IP address problem. I hadn't even realized they don't store them.

Interesting to see what they will do. Maybe solve it in a way that they would only see it when asked?

"Und, um es ganz klar zu sagen: Wir werden nicht damit beginnen, die IP-Adressen unserer unbescholtenen Kundinnen und Kunden zu loggen. Ein konservativer System-Umbau ist für uns keine Option."

I want to go back to mutt/neomutt, but just thinking about the config work involved is putting me off 🙈

Is there a setup with sane keybindings and multiple mailboxes somewhere?

Yet another example of how Google controls Chromium and hence all derivatives, regardless of whether they eventually go through with this.

So many interesting talks from to watch. It's going to take weeks going through them.

The clean and organized media website is also much appreciated, especially the audio translations! Though it's also an opportunity to practice some German comprehension as well 🙂

Why do markdown text editing apps on Android almost always have their own special directory to read from? Is it a security permission issue? This breaks the "open with" functionality from other apps, which is a notable inconvenience.

Anyway, I finally found Markor, which has been awesome for my use-case, and doesn't have the directory restriction.

Looks like Edge is moving to chromium. So, whatever is going to happen to all those "Edge is faster" anti-chrome Win10 pop-up ads? Funny how things change...

I've been trying to learn German on my own for a long time, and I seem to be stuck at a certain level for a while now. A bit frustrating.

Now contemplating whether to start with online classes with real teachers. Would that help? Feels very awkward...

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I think the Dell U4919DW, with a resolution of 5120x1440 is my ideal monitor :)

Hetzner cloud is advancing really fast. They seem to be adding new features every month.

At this rate, it's going to end up so much better than DigitalOcean.

I keep forgetting, not everyone on the Fediverse is a Linux user 😀 :linux:

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