Naw I like to feel cringe. I like some music because it makes me cringe.

No compiler errors are worse than C++ template errors.

What are my fedifriends thoughts on the EFF? Yeah even you are one of my fedifriends unless of course you aren't

Made a simple vulkan whitted raytracer. God was it painful. A set for this, a binding for that. A format for that binding. A specialization constant for that pipeline. Tell me about it vulkan.

Just call it fileName and file. Why that naming convention?

There was one time I was playing Halo 1 where it was me driving the warthog and the auto save was just at the right time so I was always driving off a cliff just tall enough to destroy it was and me. Had to restart the level.

They use Google Analytics to track their users and allow Google to track their uses across websites. I would call that a bad cookie.


I'm using fedilab. Being able to pin other instances to tabs is a great feature.

What digital assistant will be skynet?

How did it become serious? Also have you told Linux yet?

Create a user on your system using adduser, set a samba password using smbpasswd, update your smb.conf file to authenticate the user, restart samba. Most tutorials should have these steps.

What about licenses that have partial approval by OSI such as Unlicense. It is considered free but not recommended by OSI. I have worked on projects that use this license where would they fall?

Interesting but I think 5 month might still be cutting it a little short. And the ground freezes/was permanently frozen. In a few years this might be the perfect place for them.

Sounds like a plan. The alligators would die sometime in october when winter arrives.

Definitely saw water striders. The water was more bugs than water if I'm honest. This is more of a stagnant pond than a lake and definitely has leaches. If I wanted a swim I'd go to the river. Thought I'd go there before the mosquito hatched.

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