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Anyone here happen to know how to get rid of VSCode's awful HTML completion? Stack Overflow didn't work for me this time :(

Last weekend me and my friend installed Mozilla 1.0 on his computer just to see what would still work and it started up and was like "Mozilla cannot connect to becuase it is an untrusted domain" and I still find that so funny.

P.S. Software devs who put all your software on a public ftp server, thank you. Its so much more fun to explore old software when you dont have to worry about viruses (that much)

Were can I find a list of all the supported custom emojis like :ubuntu: or :stallman:?

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Ah debians giving me issues, oh well, this is a good excuse to install manjaro.

You know that moment when your installing debian for the first time and the screen goes black mid install and you think something bad happened so you sit there for 5 minutes only to realize the screen went dark due to inactivity?

Bernie Sanders:
"Massive corporations track, buy, and sell your and your children's exact location, 24/7, for profit.

We need a Digital Privacy Bill of Rights to protect Americans from this Orwellian corporate surveillance."


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#Facebook is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. A database containing more than 267 million user IDs and matching phone numbers has been discovered on the internet.


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I'm very glad to see @mozilla adopting @matrix as their successor to #IRC, which means Riot will be getting plenty of feedback to improve. I'd be using it myself if my VPS wasn't tight on storage space right now...

What is everyones view on Mozilla here?
(As a corporation, idc if you think firefox is bad :P)

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Things I want to see go FOSS in 2020:

* Dropbox
* Automate Android App
* GitKraken
* Nvidia drivers
* Zoom
* Discord
* Telegram (back end. Front end is already FOSS on some platforms)

Im getting sick of OneUI. Anyone have any recommendations for an open source Android launcher?

I should probably get around to watching The Mandalorian, that's kind of why I gave Disney money in the first place...

Bravo six, going dark.

I feel that if people continue to become educated on the benefits of privacy, anonymity, and decentralization. Projects like Tor will become the internet standard.

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