Awesome Software Projects at Mastodon That I Admire

Please share yours.

❤️ KDE @kde - my computer user interface.
❤️ LibreOffice @libreoffice - my document working suite & teaching tool.
❤️ Inkscape @inkscape - my graphic design tool I use everyday.
❤️ AppImage @azubieta - my portable format to run applications across operating systems.
❤️ Tor Project @torproject - my secure & private & anonymous internet access.
❤️ GNU Jami @Jami - the new promising telephony & video call technology.


@ademalsasa @kde @libreoffice @inkscape @azubieta @torproject @Jami
the thing I like most about this post is Jami. I had never even heard about it before today but it looks like my new messaging app. All of the other apps mentioned I install on any new Linux install I do so, as you can imagine, I think those are super great as well.
some other useful stuff:
kitty- terminal emulator
i3Wm -swap kwin out
ranger- file manager
castero -if you are into podcasts
mpv- if you are into music

Do you know if any of kitty, i3wm, dmenu, ranger, castero and mpv have official or unofficial community accounts on fedi?

(or if the community is small enough that the author's own fedi account is the point of contact)


@clacke @ademalsasa
I actually have no idea. My guess would be an irc channel would be more likely

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