I'm working on an image editor for Koko, KDE's image viewer for Plasma Mobile (and soon also for desktop).

@IceWolf XRender is a bad idea since it software rendering instead of beeing hardwared accelerated.

@gamethecupdog If you have visual artifacts, what GPU are you using, with that driver version and what is your Qt and Plasma version?

@smonff oh ok j'avais entendu des histores d'horreur avec openLDAP et plutôt de bonnes choses de freeIPA.

@smonff Tu utilises quoi comme implémentation openLDAP? ou quelque chose d'autre?

In my QML vector editor, I added a cool ruler and also fixed the geometry of my triangle so that it is more correct now :)


My latest project to learn a QML: a very simple vector editor.

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@tbernard There was some discussion in the past to change the world "Render" to something else but I don't think the discussion leads to something. Any suggestion is welcome ;)

@tbernard You probably want to render and not to export to another OpenTimelineIO format. And yeah it looks like the Flatpak manifest wasn't updated to the recent OpenTimelineIO support. I created two issues: invent.kde.org/multimedia/kden and invent.kde.org/multimedia/kden. Feel free to comment.

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Hot take: In most stories a la "We achieved 400x performance gain by rewriting it in $LANGUAGE" the speedup is not because of $LANGUAGE but because you spent time and braincells rethinking and rearchitecting your problem/solution

@tbernard @fedora Looks like AdwaitaQt doesn't support the recoloring features :( and since the icons are the Breeze icons who support the recoloring features it breaks.

There is 3 ways to fix it:

* Use breeze theme and breeze icons
* Use AdwaitaQt and Adwaita icons (probably breeze icons is hard-coded and there are misings icons in Adwaita needed by Kdenlive)
* Add the recoloring features to AdwaitaQt.

I reported the bug to the devs :D

@hellcp @vinzv Yeah stuff like Symfony, Lavarel, Twig, Doctrine make it so much easier to write good codes but often porting to this libraries means a full rewrite.

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