@mz Nice :) I have no ideas what it means but it looks good 👌

@friend @gikari You can also use qmetaobject-rs, this is a bit easier :)

@gikari I use a Rust library in C++. I'm trying to tell lyon to generate QQuickItems with a custom geometry. Current experimentation are here: invent.kde.org/carlschwan/libv

I'm currently playing with Rust and Qt :) Cxx is very nice.

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This Week in Matrix is out now! Servers, Clients, Bridges, Tooling, and an interview with the Synapse eng manager, oh my! #matrix #twim #decentralisation matrix.org/blog/2021/01/15/thi

The KDE wikis are now running MediaWiki 1.35 and all the out plugins were ported away from obsolete APIs \o/ Next, I could probably try to make the current theme work with the visual editor, but probably this is only helpful for the community wiki.

@tallship For the cron job vs "load" button question, I guess the best option would be to have both. Preload the comment when generating the website and then add a button to load the possible new comments. That would provide the best of both worlds. For the reply UX, this is, unfortunately, a limitation of Mastodon and the fediverse in general. My website doesn't know what is your fediverse server so it needs to ask you. Maybe a browser extension could help with that.

@raghukamath it's in the roadmap. The development will probably start in a few weeks.

NeoChat 1.0.1 is out, fixing multiple bugs. Most importantly you can now log in even if your home server doesn't implement the well-known spec and user avatars in the room list appear correctly now. carlschwan.eu/2021/01/13/neoch

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uspol, tech company mention, twitter bans 

It took a coup attempt for Trump to get banned from Twitter and other platforms. I wonder what it will take for the Purism to grow a spine and stop platforming nazis.

@raghukamath Yeah, it's not ideal but better than nothing. Alternatively, there are web mentions that also work with Twitter and Mastodon.

@brad @tuxflo There were some plans in making shared chat components so that it is easier to develop a kirigami chat application but abstracting the backends is too complicated and we would need to make some compromises. Better is to have 2 good applications, each for one protocol than one big application that doesn't work correctly.

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Have you seen This Week in Matrix yet!? First of the year, absolutely top quality news and updates about Matrix, including an interview with the maintainers of NeoChat, the Matrix client from KDE! #twim #matrix #decentralisation matrix.org/blog/2021/01/08/thi

@neox @silmathoron @aprilorg :( Matrix is a foundation and has many external developers. Also New Vector is now called Element.

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