Now the Russian KDE blog aggregator works :D the problem was caused by the internalization of the URL somewhere in the stack.

You can browse the new page at :D

I recently worked a bit on the new identity provider for @kde and various projects depending on it.

Je maintien maintenant @kdefr. Si quelqu'un veut aider, vous pouvez rejoindre le chat irc -fr (Freenode).

Learned Ansible today to set up Hopeful these projects of mine will be soon finished.

I made some progress with the new KDE Identity service recently. Now I can manage the gitlab permissions from the admin interface.

A new @kde contributor posted a nice blog post about how to port the kde websites to Jekyll and Markdown. Worth checking out.

Thanks to @federicomena for fixing a bug impacting Breeze GTK. With this the broken checkboxes/radiobuttons in GTK applications in Plasma 5.17 should be fixed soon 😍

I was one week in Milan for the . This was an awesome experience. I will write a blog about it this weekend.

Nouvelle version de est en ligne. 🎉 C'est uniquement une mise à jour esthétique.

Si quelqu'un est intéressé pour mettre à jour le contenu, merci de faire signe 👋.

fr: Aujourd'hui, j'ai travaillé sur une refonte de Je suis plutôt satisfait du résultat mis à part du logo de KDE en haut à gauche.

en: Today I worked on revamp of I'm mostly satisfied of the result, other than the KDE logo in top left corner.


The KDE community wiki was updated to MediaWiki 1.31 and the theme is now Aether.

My revamp of the Plasma page is progressing with a new section about KDE Connect. Preview available at: -promo

Today was a great day. I heard a nice presentation about hdr support, was in a workshop about (nice tool to design books and could maybe be used for docs) and enjoyed a beer with devs and some graphic designers.

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