It took me 2 Sundays afternoon but I now consider folder configuration dialog successfully redesigned. More screenshots in

@veggero created a Peertube channel for his KDE videos one week ago. There are great, contain tons of cool insight about Plasma internals and to not miss any of them, you can follow him at @niccolo_ve.

The last one was

My stickers (and T-Shirt) are here. Now I need to find a bit of free space on my laptop. @kde

Progress on the profile page support of Tokodon :) (btw this post was sent from Tokodon itself)

Akonadi and Kirigami are amazing libraries done by the @kde community. This is a small mail reader made with only 3 small c++ classes and one small QML file for the UI.

Check out the new blog entry from @akalanka about his work on the Okular website during Season of KDE. He is making great progress on the internalization and design of it :)

Adding a bit of bold to the heading looks very nice in my opinion :)

Not 100% convinced of the direction this is going...

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