Now the Russian KDE blog aggregator works :D the problem was caused by the internalization of the URL somewhere in the stack.

You can browse the new page at :D

For RTL languages should I put the sidebar on the right for the KDE wikis?

RT welcome.

foss 'community' 

Sometimes I really hate the foss community. :( They don't have better things to do than critizise people who are spending their free time on cool projects.

I recently worked a bit on the new identity provider for @kde and various projects depending on it.

@kde Progress, now it display all the language available :) and it's more mobile friendly.

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What would cause an impact like this to my grandparents' window? The police says it's a bird, but I'm not convinced since there was no dead bird nor blood.

RT welcome is now listing the stores where the application is available. For the moment, it’s only listing Linux and the Windows Store, but support for F-Droid and the Play Store is planned. :)

This photo can hurt programmers eyes 

Announcing --std=cpp-23

I was one week in Milan for the . This was an awesome experience. I will write a blog about it this weekend.

fr: Aujourd'hui, j'ai travaillé sur une refonte de Je suis plutôt satisfait du résultat mis à part du logo de KDE en haut à gauche.

en: Today I worked on revamp of I'm mostly satisfied of the result, other than the KDE logo in top left corner.


The KDE community wiki was updated to MediaWiki 1.31 and the theme is now Aether.

My revamp of the Plasma page is progressing with a new section about KDE Connect. Preview available at: -promo

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