I just added a new feature to NeoChat, a Kirigami based @matrix client. Now we have a fancy (but still simple) image editor build-in.

There is a new feature in NeoChat, the @matrix client. Now you can directly reply or add reactions to a message from a menu that appears on hover.

@kde developer platform is starting to looks quite good! The documentation homage was reorganized and we got a fancy table of content that follows your reading progress.


We have a new tutorial in develop.kde.org about flatpak this time. A small introduction to flatpak packaging for and applications. Big thanks to @Jbb Go check it out at develop.kde.org/docs/flatpak/p!

I'm continuing to work on the next KDE Developer Platform! Current preview: docs.carlschwan.eu

I don't have any place left for the new stickers on my laptop :(

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The new identity system for @kde gallien.kde.org is starting to work nicely, it can import accounts from identity.kde.org and can authenticate users in wikisandbox.kde.org.

(note that this is just a demo instance and the database will be purged before going live)

And my @kde 's contrast checker application is nearly done now. It has now a feature to save the user's favorite images, an advanced color picker, and a few usabilities tweaks more. Missing is a logo and a few more polishing commits :)

And it also works on mobile device, like Plasma Mobile :)

Working on a color contrast checker application for @kde. This application should help with choosing accessible colors for your application or website.

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