Looks like I'm now almost a cybercriminal according to Apple

At first I thought that picture was a joke.
But I checked.
They actually said that...

And possibly believe it too...

@carl @maxgot When corporations talk about cyber security, their threat model is a reduction in profit.

@carl > if you don't like our gay baby walled-garden jail you're a criminal

@didek @carl To be honest, I didn’t even realize it’s not possible on Apple devices 🤦 I did know Apple is a walled garden but never expected that it’s to that extent…

@carl Wonder where they got all of those liquid containers for their stage show.

@craigmaloney @carl Good ol IBC liquid totes, they are very asthetic

At first I thought that was 3d word-art. On second thought, it really should be.

@carl I mean this is at the core of apple's entire existence. What is the Steve Job's quote? Something like, "People don't know what they want. We have to tell them." It's arrogant, pretentious, and frankly, insulting. We make way riskier decisions every day.

@carl Alternate headline: "Apple users are really stupid. If we allow sideloading, they'll screw their phones up."

@carl unless it’s on a Mac then of course it’s alright

@carl ok. So Apple doesn’t want side loading into their phones, and they have made a pretty compelling argument. Yes, it’s a security risk. Yes, you don’t want it.

The conversation should rather be: why is #Apple using this centralizing power to engage in monopolistic behaviour, and remove choice that isn’t affecting security. A central app download point isn’t a problem if it still allows all legitimate apps in.

@carl Apple is becoming more and more ridicilous for anyone isn't an Apple fan. next time they'll ban connecting to non-Apple devices because 'Security'.
his whole talk was so full with bullshit and Comparisons with owning a home with no doors or someting and data from 'third-party sources'

@carl Nowadays having full control over "your" device is an equivalent to crime. Just like making copies of digital content for yourself. Or blocking ads in your browser. Or modifying your mobile apps. Welcome to the world of digital handcuffs, where you are associated with cybercriminals if you oppose control, restrictions and surveillance of big companies, the real cybercriminals, over your life, just if you are smart.

@carl People literally change their own motorcycle wheels. Think about that. And some of them have no idea what they are doing. I've said this one before, we also let any old repair shop work on our cars. Then drive them fast enough to kill us and everyone else around. I just wish apple would get real backlash for their decisions and idiotic statements, but realistically, they never will.

@carl guess I'm a cyber criminal now because I refuse to pay fifteen shekels to jewtube per month to be able to TURN OFF MY FUCKING PHONE SCREEN TO LISTEN TO A VIDEO YOU GREEDY KIKES

@carl Uhm, generally there's very little that can come from this if you have a well designed OS.

@carl lovely, how companies that are supposedly for free market also ask for things which could threat their monopoly and control to be illegalized

@carl how dare you install software on my slave collar.
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