Something I have been working on this weekend :)

For the moment it's doing nothing but it's progress :)

@be Qt + Rust is just not ready for production.

@carl Well, we'll see how it goes with Whisperfish :)

@carl Ooooh... this is definitely something I can see myself using in the future 😮

@aarongarcia Plasma and my plans are to have it also running on Plasma Mobile.

@carl Nice. Will it be available on Plasma desktop as well?

@carl Masto? Will it work with Pleroma and Misskey also? I would've called it KFedi probably. Or something like Kommunity if that's not taken.

@ilpianista In case you are interested to contribute: :) There is still a lot to implement: notifications (working on it now), replying to posts, polls, better support for attachments, ...

Eventually, using online accounts would be fab... eventually. ;) By the way, where are the icons from? They don't look like standard breeze monochrome icon set.

@Blort @ilpianista The icons are from Breeze. It's the retweet, reply and favorite icon. You can use Cuttlefish to find them.

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