NeoChat, KDE's native Matrix chat client, is out and comes with a new login page that detects the server configuration from your ID, stickers, message editing, and much more. Check out all that's new at

@kde This is almost certainly an issue on my end, having just version-bumped the :gentoo: ebuild locally to give this a go for the first time, but I guess I'm missing a font (?) dependency and the hamburger menu/back icons are just... not icons. That or I've just happened to hit the perfectly wrong colours (it's just Breeze Dark).

I'll play with it as best I can, here, either way, and thanks for everything! ❤️

@kithop @kde Ok this is weird. Do you have breeze icons installed? If not this might be the problem.

@carl @kde Yeah, and my system was using the matching Breeze Dark icon set as part of the entire theme package.
(on Gentoo it's kde-frameworks/breeze-icons, which I had, and other KDE Plasma stuff works fine)

I just tried firing up neochat from Konsole to grab its output and saw as the first line:

$ neochat
Icon theme "oxygen" not found.

So I emerged kde-frameworks/oxygen-icons, relaunched, that error disappeared and NeoChat loads with said Oxygen icons.

@carl @kde Seems to be ignoring the system icon set, but this could be a Gentoo-ism or weird thing about my particular system, for sure.

@kithop @kde Does `~/.config/kdeglobals` tell you that you are using the Breeze or Oxygen icon theme?

@carl @kde
~/.config/kdeglobals says:


grep -iF 'oxygen' ~/.config/kdeglobals
gives me no hits.

@kithop @kde This is odd, this is very probably not a problem in NeoChat since System Settings seems affected by it too. I took a look at the last few commits in breeze-icons and I don't see anything that could have broke it :(

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@carl @kde Yup - just having the 'wrong' icons is not a big deal and I'm 100% prepared to blame my Frankenstein's monster of a system here. A fresh format + starting over would probably fix this, who knows, but I can totally live with it.

Just thought it was interesting behaviour. :) Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

@carl Not sure if you're potentially morbidly interested, here, but I figured out what the heck was wrong with my environment.

Blame qt5ct, basically. That was getting pulled into /etc/profile ('QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME') and a very very old config there was calling for Oxygen.

...and it was causing me all sorts of grief with other KDE Plasma things, so now that *that*'s gone, things work a lot more as expected. ;)

So yeah, silly per-system thing, but if you ever hear it come up..
Thanks again!

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