I feel the newer Discoverin #kde to be much more polished. The screenshots are clickable, they zoom correctly, font looks good, I'm not sure if the text was with a white background, but it looks good. It's more colourful which is nice. One thing I still hate a lot is that the first appearance immediately changes once you click on a list item, which I find very annoying. It should always be in a "3 columns" view.

Now if only all the other "Get new..." dialogs had the same love as this.

@carl Really nice improvements there. Glad to see work in such a component that is integrated in so many places but still felt so lacking compared to the rest.

Any ideas to use something else besides opendesktop site which could be able to enforce more compatibility and make sure things actually work when downloaded?

There's always a great percentage of changes that when you try install something it just doesn't work, breaks or is written to not install from it all but actually manually.

Yeah the opendesktop could need some improvement in the codebase, in the design and in the content. I'm planning to improve it, but it took me already more than 4 months to get the documentation from the dev to create a local setup.

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