Leaving on an airplane to visit the motherland. 🇦🇺

Anyone out there successfully added a desktop environment to Alpine Linux? I saw that it has the latest gnome in the repos... anyone get that going? Please retoot

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Facebook gone.
Instagram gone.
Gmail gone.
Docs etc gone.

Unfortunately cant fully get rid of google due to my kids educational stuff. But still feels pretty freeing...

Congrats! As a dad of three little girls, there is nothing better. Look forward to make up and painted nails (for you) when they get older 😉

Nothing beats the feeling of setting up your distro and makimg it your own! Arhh blessed distro contentment 😇

@jeremiah @popey @Wimpress
I do have a rpi3 just sitting around, so that might be my next order of play 😀


@popey @Wimpress

I have this little nuc as a desktop that runs ubuntu. I mainly use my laptop for everything, so it sits there. So instead of wiping it and making it purely a server, I just wanted to quickly add nextcloud server to it.

Very True. Though Im secretly waiting for the news that Microsoft has bought Canonical...

Probably more so after IBMs aquisition of Red Hat. If I wasnt sold on Opensuse, Id probably be on Fedora

Does anyone know if i can install the nextcloud server snap on a desktop version of ubuntu or does it only work on ubuntu server? @popey @Wimpress

Ya I agree... its more for the sake of my mum because i want to delete instagram and facebook

Got to have access to pics of the grandkids

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