Does anyone know if i can install the nextcloud server snap on a desktop version of ubuntu or does it only work on ubuntu server? @popey @Wimpress

@canuckifiedoz @popey @Wimpress Should work on the desktop, but why would you run it on desktop? Its major utility comes from 24/7 availability on a server.

You could run it on a tiny little RPi Zero if cost is an issue...


@popey @Wimpress

I have this little nuc as a desktop that runs ubuntu. I mainly use my laptop for everything, so it sits there. So instead of wiping it and making it purely a server, I just wanted to quickly add nextcloud server to it.

@jeremiah @popey @Wimpress
I do have a rpi3 just sitting around, so that might be my next order of play 😀

@canuckifiedoz @popey @Wimpress shouldn't be much harder than clicking install...

NextCloud is a really outstanding piece of software. It's made de-googling practical. I use it to sync contacts and calendar between the KDE machines and my phone -- it's brilliant.

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