Alrighty, set up both wire and signal on my phone. Wire works awesome with my parents and sis in Australia. Removed most of the google stuff off my phone that i possibly can without rooting and putting something else on. Firefox focus as my default browser... Protonmail for email. All i have to do now is change things from my gmail and lose that...

@canuckifiedoz I flashed /e/ to my phone the other day. Phone is now on its way to being degoogled. is the home site for that project. Found it by accident. It is essentially LineageOS with MicroG and e-foundation parts.

I looked at them the other night... looks good but I dont think my phone is compatible yet

@canuckifiedoz a crazy thing I uncovered in my first smartphone: profiles for phone companies in various locales *with* apk for various apps. So if you use a certain company, the phone installs different apps for that from the ones for another company you may be using. All that was in /system if I recall correctly. Was a Huawei Ascend Y330

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