Kind of wish there wasnt that encryption install problem on the new lubuntu... I would be all over it if I could manage to encrypt my hard drive

@canuckifiedoz Pop_OS! (based on Ubuntu) from System76 has the encryption on by default and has received good reviews...

Maybe look into it? :thinkhappy:

Pop has Gnome, my little nuc with 1.6gz will struggle with it :-)

I have tried and quite liked Pop

@canuckifiedoz MX Linux is a fine choice for older gear and based on Debian.

@canuckifiedoz well, you could install vanilla Ubuntu (or Xubuntu), then use tasksel to install Lubuntu over it.

I tried that yesterday with stock ubuntu. It was remarkably slower than just installing lubuntu for some reason.

Lubuntu works great on the desktop that I want it on. I'm just impatient. I guess I'll just wait until the problem is fixed

@canuckifiedoz you could also do a minimal server install, then tasksel Lubuntu on it.

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