Leaving on an airplane to visit the motherland. 🇦🇺

Anyone out there successfully added a desktop environment to Alpine Linux? I saw that it has the latest gnome in the repos... anyone get that going? Please retoot

Facebook gone.
Instagram gone.
Gmail gone.
Docs etc gone.

Unfortunately cant fully get rid of google due to my kids educational stuff. But still feels pretty freeing...

Nothing beats the feeling of setting up your distro and makimg it your own! Arhh blessed distro contentment 😇

Does anyone know if i can install the nextcloud server snap on a desktop version of ubuntu or does it only work on ubuntu server? @popey @Wimpress

Shout out to @omnipotens for getting me back into this account after my stupidity. Thanks!

Alrighty, set up both wire and signal on my phone. Wire works awesome with my parents and sis in Australia. Removed most of the google stuff off my phone that i possibly can without rooting and putting something else on. Firefox focus as my default browser... Protonmail for email. All i have to do now is change things from my gmail and lose that...

Kind of wish there wasnt that encryption install problem on the new lubuntu... I would be all over it if I could manage to encrypt my hard drive

For those of you who run a laptop and desktop, do you run the same distro on each, or change it up? If so, why?

Would kde neon or kubuntu work with a 1.6gz dual core? I have plenty of ram (8gb) just wondering about the processor...

There is a reason why there is 'experimental' next to pantheon in the repository

Tonight's little experiment on my unused Intel NUC:

:opensuse: tumbleweed transactional server + pantheon desktop + snaps for nextcloud and plex servers.

Let the fun begin... it will probably crash and burn :-)

What end-to-end encryption messaging app do people use and why?

Bonus: has good video calling?

Why didnt I know about opensuse argon? When my Leap 15 install crapped the bed last week, I spent hours installing leap, changing the repositories, allow for vendor change and then 600+ updates to get the latest plasma... and I just find out there is an iso that does that all.

Need your audiobook recommendations.... what's a good listen?


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..