Want to get back into occasional gaming. Haven't seriously gamed for about 15 years so I am clueless with what's out there.

What recommendations do people have?


*Team play or ability for social interaction
*puzzle or strategy
* first person shooter perhaps but wouldnt be up to the level of cs:go
*used to love sports games like fifa or nhl etc

The opening line of tonights Doctor Who is a great barometer of what is wrong with the world today:

"The world is not meant to be understood but rather experienced."

And I researched how to unlock my system, but I am lazy and chose to do a fresh install. Much easier

So my new laptop crapped the bed with some graphic drivers update today... some missing signing key locked me out. Not a biggy as everything is backed up online.

But I kicked KDE Neon to the curb and reinstalled Opensuse Tumbleweed... and I must say after trying Neon, Ubuntu and Fedora on this laptop... Tumbleweed has the best out of the box experience for AMD Ryzen and Vega

Been messing around with my yubikey today... need it to login to my laptop and to use sudo. Nothing can go wrong with that right? 😉

Does anyone know if ill have the same issues installing ubuntu mate on a laptop with ryzen 5 2500u and Radeon Vega as i have had with ubuntu or kde neon? Would I need to edit the grub to include noapic etc to get ot to boot? @Wimpress @popey

Has anyone sucessfully install linux on a laptop with ryzen 5? Any flavor of ubuntu wont load the install and just overclocks the cpu. Opensuse has the trackpad freeze midway through the install

Leaving on an airplane to visit the motherland. 🇦🇺

Anyone out there successfully added a desktop environment to Alpine Linux? I saw that it has the latest gnome in the repos... anyone get that going? Please retoot

Facebook gone.
Instagram gone.
Gmail gone.
Docs etc gone.

Unfortunately cant fully get rid of google due to my kids educational stuff. But still feels pretty freeing...

Nothing beats the feeling of setting up your distro and makimg it your own! Arhh blessed distro contentment 😇

Does anyone know if i can install the nextcloud server snap on a desktop version of ubuntu or does it only work on ubuntu server? @popey @Wimpress

Shout out to @omnipotens for getting me back into this account after my stupidity. Thanks!

Alrighty, set up both wire and signal on my phone. Wire works awesome with my parents and sis in Australia. Removed most of the google stuff off my phone that i possibly can without rooting and putting something else on. Firefox focus as my default browser... Protonmail for email. All i have to do now is change things from my gmail and lose that...

Kind of wish there wasnt that encryption install problem on the new lubuntu... I would be all over it if I could manage to encrypt my hard drive

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