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@kev Fika should be a thing for everyone! We even have fika pauses at work here. :)

I'm going to be tossing some dollars to the developers of nifty open source apps from F-Droid I've been putting on my new phone. Today I'm starting with Netguard.

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Why I #blog -

Do you blog? If so, please leave a link to your personal blog below. If not, why not?

I've been playing with Mastodon apps. I really like Tusky and Whalebird so far. Though I wish Whalebird had support for peertube and pixelfed.

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I'm finding a lot of good software on lately. I even have an open source text messaging app now (QKSMS). Noice.

My friends and I had a successful good long chat using last night. Yay!

Can't test it, as I only have the free version of Protonmail. Oh well, good to know it's there if I decide to upgrade one day.

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Protonmail has a "bridge" now for using their account with a desktop client. Yay! I'm going to test that out now.

Also I'm going to try to use hashtags more or something.

Time to test drive some alternatives for chatting with friends. I've never used or , but I'm going to see if I can convince my friends to try it instead of Zoom next time. Exciting.

Any tips on the best place to buy a refurbished Google phone? I'm not buying straight from Google because I want to save money, and especially don't want to give my money to Google.

I got a Pixel 3a from Ebay, and liked it, but it was locked to the wrong network, so I could only test it on wifi. (😠 )

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Which #desktop environment should I run? Currently running #Xfce after using #KDE for while, I moved away from KDE due to It being a bit buggy.

Haven't had much experience with #Cinnamon or #MATE.

Well, my new Jekyll site mostly works, except blog post pagination is not cooperating no matter what I do. Dang.

Okay, turns out Jekyll looks pretty reasonable.

Man, having a hard time getting Hugo to work. Seems like a different problem with every theme. Maybe I should go back to hand coding after all.

It's phone experiment time. I bought a used iPhone 7, and it's annoying the heck out of me, even though I like some things. So now I'm going to buy a used Pixel 3a and see if it's any less irritating. Then I'll return the one that loses.

Also, watching review videos about the phones is useless, because they are all about the perks of google cloud stuff versus apple cloud stuff, when I want to turn all that off and use it as little as possible.

Hoping this will be my last non-Linux phone!

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