That's a good idea. I like Elementary OS, though it had some stability problems last time I tried it. But worth another visit, because it's been a while. 😺

It's cool seeing my own toots reminding me about software I'd forgotten. Thanks, past self!

I never thought I was a Gnome person, but I was pretty happy on Pop OS there, and when that install borked the other day I put on vanilla Ubuntu Gnome, and I really like it. How norm-core of me.

I'm definitely not the wild distro hopper and software twiddler I was a few years ago, wanting to try all the exotic distros.

(That Pop OS error was probably fixable, but I'd rather reinstall than debug most of the time.)

This is a fun writing app. The menus are kind of hidden, but I'm liking it now that I am starting to see how it works.


P.S. I tried to unfollow and follow again, to see if that changed anything. Does that mean I'm your one listed follower now?

This came up for me too, so definitely still following you. That's a weird bug.

@jaredmoody Thanks for the ideas. I'm not much of a programmer, so for now I am going to stick with the simplest way, which is nitter.net to RSS. Maybe a new groovy solution using Mastodon will come around one of these days.

@frankstrater @ChrisWere
Yeah, thanks. I get the feeling the Twitter API keeps changing, making it hard to keep up with for these kinds of projects.

Yes! That's great, thank you! I knew there were some tools out there I was missing.

This looks like a perfect replacement for Twit RSS, which doesn't seem to work anymore.

Wasn't there a way to send a twitter feed so it shows up in Mastodon, or as RSS? There are a couple of people I want to follow from BirdSite, and never see the rest again...

Update: apparently Covid is nothing to mess with because my uncle, who seemed to be doing better, had a turn for the worse and didn't pull through. Don't take these things lightly out there.

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@hund @EmeraldArcher
Oh I didn't mean to be overly dramatic and vague-post. Just reading the news and it's always some new crazy thing. Like now the post office is an issue? That's just bizarre.

On the up side my uncle is out of the ICU with Covid, so that's something hopeful.

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Meanwhile, now I'm exploring Obsidian as a sort of markdown file wiki, and I'm pretty into it.


Being an American isn't getting less weird, in case you wondered.

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US Pol. Voting 

If your state gives you a "mail in ballot" you can almost certainly go drop it off and either a drop box or a county office at a time of your choosing.

Mask up and go drop it off as soon as you can. Avoid any possible shenanigans.

Please repeat or boost this message so folks who haven't done this before understand.

Also early voting is your friend!!


I installed Zorin Lite, 32 bit, on my 2010 Dell netbook, and it runs pretty nicely! I had never tried Zorin before.

Turns out I really like the Solarized Light Gnome Shell theme. After using dark themes for ages, I find that a muted light theme is easiest on my eyes.


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