Syncthing keeps being a bit buggy for me - slow to sync, not connecting properly sometimes, stuff like that. Do you guys have any other favorite local file sync methods?

Ha! Thanks. It was all over the place, not a single specific problem. I'm not cranky about it anymore though, all is well. :)

Oh, I found out the mobile theme on my Jekyll site was messed up, and I couldn't get it fixed through CSS. And I was getting weird errors trying other themes. But I've figured out the other themes and now I'm getting one of them set up.

You know, some days things just don't flow, and if it's not one error, it's another. I just want to catch up my my blogging, not fight with theming! 😀

I guess complaining works, because now I'm successfully finding other themes to try with my Jekyll site, and they are cooperating. Or maybe I'm just not doing it wrong anymore.

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*Complaining* Just can't get happy with my web site. Can't seem to edit the css the way I want, and when I try to change themes I get errors. Not one specific thing, just when I get one fixed there's something else. I'm tired of debugging but don't want to go back to wordpress.

I left my laptop open with web browser, email and normal programs running. When I came back, Rhubarb the cat was sitting on it, and it had been booted into BIOS settings. No, I would not like to save setting changes! At least she didn't wipe my harddrive or anything.

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The MNT Reform campaign is live!

Now you can buy a laptop you can actually hack and repair and build yourself! The polar opposite of planned obsolescence!


I don't mind some crossposting and reposting, but I tend to unfollow people if there's too much. I want to follow a person, not their whole randomized feed.

One for art, one for Linux. But I neglect the art one too much.

The new Pop OS 20.04 seems pretty nice thus far. All easy and smooth to set up and it runs well. I turned off animations to keep things speedy, and will look for other ways to keep Gnome running as lightweight as I can.

The tiling function is nice, but I won't use it all the time. Maybe for specific projects.


"Apple and Google said they will not allow use of GPS data along with the contact tracing systems. The decision will require public health authorities who want to use GPS location data to rely on unstable workarounds to detect encounters using Bluetooth sensors."

Oh heck yes, that would be great! Menu hunting makes me cranky!

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Fair point. It has been a while since I tried KDE, and I do love some of their software.

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