Whoa. Pop OS's themes in GEdit are crazy. They are making the text within the <title> and <h1> tags larger, which seems like a nice thought, but they've taken it a little too far. 😲

This is using GEdit's Pop light or dark theme. Other themes are normal.

I'm going to use a different theme now because this makes me feel like I'm in a circus fun house.

E-book saga: we bought a Kobo Clara e-reader for my husband, thinking it would be a less evil alternative to Amazon/Kindle. But this is a screenshot of part of the privacy policy you have to agree to. Silly of me, assuming that a smaller non-Amazon company would be more privacy-respecting.

I don't know if there are any ethical e-readers out there - I haven't found any yet. For now he's hacking the Kobo to bypass the mandatory log-in screen and try to use the library from there. Goodness.

I need to do some major file reorganizing and felt nostalgic for a double pane file browser. I found this little gem and am just playing with it. It seems to work really well on Ubuntu Mate.


This is a new record for Rhubarb the Hacker Cat, sitting on my laptop while I changed the laundry for two minutes. She opened Seamonkey, changed the theme to this sweet silver style, and tried to email a link to the youtube video I was listening to. And fullscreened the original video.

Screenshot Sunday, just because I have a shiny new install this week.

(Pop OS with Gnome and a sweet cartoon sci fi background)

Rhubarb the cat has again failed to hack my computer.

There used to be a program that would lock the keyboard and show the message "cat-like typing detected." That was for Mac 10 years ago, and I haven't found a Linux equivalent yet. Till then, I guess I should close my laptop like a sensible person. 😺

I went on a mushroom walk today, and harvested some and it was the best time. Chantarelles are so tasty.

Revisiting the mind-exploding cuteness of my cat Vesper as a kitten. Cat and mouse. Ha!

It's in a couple hours, so here we go. Rockin' Saturday night over here!

Ubuntu Mate 18.04, Pop OS dark theme, but with the Ambient Mate window borders.

Chuck Norris, the foster hound dog we had for a week. He has a home now, but he's such a sweet pup, I wanted to post a picture of him anyway.

Check out the groovy retro stylings of my new mouse from the computer recycling / thrift shop. My prize to myself after doing stupid paperwork this morning.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..