Why is Vero getting attention all of a sudden when Mastodon is clearly 100% the best?

@cameron People are perhaps not comfortable with privacy.

@Gargron @cameron *billionairre

but yeah, it's just astroturfing. vero has been around since 2015 and going nowhere fast

@cameron It is built and marketed like a product, where Mastodon is communicated as a FOSS.

Vero is trying to look and feel new, as an evolution of what is, and have done so pretty good. They're also using growth hack tactics, as in letting the first 1 million users in for free, while the rest have to pay (as it's not always free, people feel they get something).

The authentic part though isn't as authentic as it could be, I agree with that. But maybe more so than facebook :)

@cameron That's what I believe, could obviously be totally wrong.

Disclaimer: I hate the word growth hacking :/ Never ever used it before in a serious context.

@cameron For a few days there, it had a feel-good "story" going on for it, before everyone figured out that the billionaire behind the service was actually a jerk. (Surprise.)

And among my friends, Masto still has the issue that they don't trust the whole decentralized nobody-owns-it thing. Some people really want that warm fuzzy of "there's someone in charge to complain to".

@greyduck @cameron well... there is. you can always complain to your admin.

@cameron fwiw, i’ve been telling most people who posted about making a vero account about mastodon. usually on the angle that if the algorithms of fb and instagram are their issue, open source is the smarter choice.

@cameron Because it's new. Mastodon got attention when it had it's first big growth spurt.

@architect @fatboy

Some new commercial social media site I'm seeing some of my artist friends turn to, hoping to find a solution to the pay to play algorithm-based system of instagram, facebook and the like. Alternatives are good, but I don't see it solving the problem...

@cameron @architect @fatboy the question is.. will the non-content creators will be willing to pay to play?

Yeah, I doubt it. Heck, I don't want to either. If I have to pay to compete against big companies for screen time, I'll lose.

@cameron *nods* How is mastodon working for you out of curiosity? It is for me the platform that is the most active with following (very strangely) but I wonder if I am in the minority for this: for all the complaints that ti is dead. >.>

It's cool that it works well for you! I feel like folks who are here want to be here and enjoy it, not out of some modern obligation. :)

I want to have my art stuff have its own account, separate from Linux nerding, so I haven't done a lot with it on Mastodon. Was still wondering if I should use the old account on or if is better and worth trying to finagle an invitation. ;)

@cameron In terms of, let me know if you do want an invitation. The main reason for invitation thing is was to make sure the node didn't become unmanageable due to size as far as I know.

I personally have my linux rambling in same place as art as those two are somewhat linked, but there are definitely some side accounts I want to create. I have seen artists do both, pros and cons for both. :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! I did take you up on the invitation. I'm used to my clientele at art shows, which is 0% nerdy. The Mastodon crowd is different, so it might not matter, but it feels a little more comfortable if I am posting swirly, paintings of trees and stuff though. :)

@cameron I don't see the harm in splitting accounts for audiences. :) that's one of the nice thing about how mastodon decentralization worked out. :)

@cameron don't expect financial media to talk of non financial media. it's a reality tunnel.

@cameron @Gargron we should also offer 1.000.000 free accounts on twitter :o)

@cameron shh, we don’t want attention. If we become a big deal we may stop being the best

@cameron pro tip: it’s super easy to hop into the Vero astroturfing comments and plug Mastodon real quick. guerrilla ad-jacking FTW

@cameron Masto doesn't have millions in VC cash behind it for a snazzy branding campaign?

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