Do you friends have favorite desktop Linux stock market tracking software?

I'm trying to set it up with KMyMoney, but it's not great. And I don't want a phone app or a web site, which seems to be everyone's favorite way to do things.

I like computer programs that run on my computer!

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@cameron I don't have a recommendation, but to be extra hipster, I prefer console apps so I can SSH in to my machine and use them remotely.

I mean, I know you can forward an X11 connection through SSH, but I find there's a serious performance hit to be had there.

That is pretty sweet. Plus hipster bonus points!

@cameron real time stock tracking used to be done a lot with Java applets, so this might be what you’re looking for (not sure if the J stands for Java, but probably it is)

@cameron It's unfortunately not Free/Libre Software, though.
Some of the libraries are "All rights reserved" and there seems to be no copyright notice on the website or in the repository, that would say anything else.

Yes, that is a bummer. "Free" but not fully open source or Free Software.

@cameron not sure if this is the type of thing you're after but I heard it mentioned on the Linux Unplugged podcast a few weeks ago

@cameron Why do you want to keep track of stocks? :)

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