Now I can't log into my Elementary install. I give up. I keep trying to use Elementary because it's so cute and I like the work Daniel and Cassidy do and it keeps backfiring in different ways, and it makes no sense. Such a bummer.

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I think it's because I let it do the install alongside Linux Mint option, which might have messed up permissions or something. I don't have the patience to debug this kind of thing, when it's not a big deal (I don't have any data on the partition). Won't do that again.

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It's probably the fault of the double install, not Elementary OS.

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@cameron you could use a live disk to chmod the uid and gid of home, then set corresponding settings in each distro user. if is btrfs or xfs, could reflink the contents and separate the homes. other options are systemd-homed if you are on systemd and mount-bind.

Thanks @nergal ! I'll probably be lazy though and just do a fresh reinstall of the whole thing with a single OS. I don't have any data on it, was just playing around.

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