I never thought I was a Gnome person, but I was pretty happy on Pop OS there, and when that install borked the other day I put on vanilla Ubuntu Gnome, and I really like it. How norm-core of me.

I'm definitely not the wild distro hopper and software twiddler I was a few years ago, wanting to try all the exotic distros.

(That Pop OS error was probably fixable, but I'd rather reinstall than debug most of the time.)

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@cameron I think patheon offers almost the same but without the perfomance problems... You can try it on elementary OS though you can install it on debian too! :blobaww:

That's a good idea. I like Elementary OS, though it had some stability problems last time I tried it. But worth another visit, because it's been a while. 😺

@cameron well, you can install pantheon over debian, it is the same. :blobcatcoffee:

@cameron yeah!, linux is fun! That a things that can be done only on floss OS sadly! :blobuwu:

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