I went to an car protest yesterday, where 1500+ cars (at least 3500 people) were in a parade set up by the NAACP in southern Washington. It was heartwarming to see all the people take part, and so many supportive honks and waves from passers by. Basically a three hour traffic jam, but for the best reasons.

I'm not going to big protests because I need to be careful about the coronavirus, so I was grateful I could do this.

This is interesting. I hadn't heard of this type of protest. That would work for me.

I've been working in people's homes in 1 to 2 hour appts thruout the pandemic; many times in rooms without good air movement.

I've stayed healthy. I know I'm getting exposed. Trying to keep the exposure & viral load to a minimum. I've cut my appts to 2/day. After that, I'm avoiding people. I have two health conditions I need to watch.

Going to see if there is anything like this further north.

You should be careful about people who could read this toot too. Laughter can kill.

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