*Complaining* Just can't get happy with my web site. Can't seem to edit the css the way I want, and when I try to change themes I get errors. Not one specific thing, just when I get one fixed there's something else. I'm tired of debugging but don't want to go back to wordpress.

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I guess complaining works, because now I'm successfully finding other themes to try with my Jekyll site, and they are cooperating. Or maybe I'm just not doing it wrong anymore.

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Oh, I found out the mobile theme on my Jekyll site was messed up, and I couldn't get it fixed through CSS. And I was getting weird errors trying other themes. But I've figured out the other themes and now I'm getting one of them set up.

You know, some days things just don't flow, and if it's not one error, it's another. I just want to catch up my my blogging, not fight with theming! 😀

Ha! Thanks. It was all over the place, not a single specific problem. I'm not cranky about it anymore though, all is well. :)

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