Today in dumb things I've done, so you can try not to do the same thing...

I just realized I lost my OTP app in the phone switch, so I lost web access to my email account with Posteo. Hopefully I can prove it's me to customer support and get it fixed. The security of two factor auth is backfiring on me right now so I might stick with the text message version from now on.

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@cameron I'm not familiar with postal but most 2FA provide backup codes that are one time use that you can print out or keep safe somehwere for exactly this scenario. Does posteo not have that?

Oh, I don't know. I usually make a note of those things, but don't seem to have it in my password manager.

@cameron andOTP does backups, give that a shot instead of switching to SMS

Worth considering, thanks. Once I sort this out, I'll make a plan that's good and solid. This one snuck up on me, because I didn't need to use it often. :(

@cameron I convert the QR codes to the URL type thing that they are, and keep them in a local password manager.

I think it still counts as 2FA, because if a local computer is compromised, then it's over anyway... But, it;s better than SMS or letting the authenticator program sync somewhere.

That's a good idea. I'm getting it sorted out though. And I'll sure never make this mistake again!

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