Anyone have much experience with android emulators on Linux? If I could get that running on my desktop it would be a good piece in being able to step away from proprietary platforms needed just to run one or two proprietary apps. I'm trying out Anbox now.

@cameron It was awhile but I think Anbox, Shashlik and the Chrome browser is the possible alternatives right now. Can't remember if there are anything else.

Anbox is probably your best bet.

Yeah, Anbox seems promising. Haven't fully gotten things working, but it's worth continuing to twiddle with.

I mostly just want a way to run Instagram (which I need for work), without being beholden to a lame operating system like iOS or Android. So that it doesn't interfere when a proper Linux phone comes within reach...

Running Instagram in a VM isn't a terrible idea for security reasons anyway.

I hadn't come across that. It works mostly, though it doesn't access photos on my computer to post, which is a bummer. I hope it hasn't been abandoned, and they'll spiff that up one of these days, because that would be a wonderful app. Cheers!

@cameron You can also install android in a VM. I tried that with virtualbox and it was working fine.

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