Feeling like rebelling against my old Kindle, wanting something more open. Wish there were more options to buy books not through amazon...

I'm thinking of getting a Kobo though. If you know of a better choice, I'd love to hear. :) But it has to have the e-ink screen. It hurts my eyes to read on backlit screens.


Kobos are really nice, and there's some unofficial libre firmware you can install.

An even more libre option is the Cervantes 3 from Spanish company BQ which comes with official open source firmware as standard, but it's no longer in production :(

E-ink is great, it's the only way to read books digitally without eye strain 👍


There's also the Cervantes 4 which is in production but it doesn't have open firmware by default. There's an optional open firmware you can download (in Spanish):

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Yup, Kobo seems like a good option. If I can sort out a way to use it with ebooks from the library, I'll be all in.

Overdrive is built in to the newer kobo readers for easy library eBook borrowing. I would do a little research first to be sure you're getting a model that has that capability though. I'm not sure which ones it is.
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@cameron kobo is pretty great alternative. They also have a DRM free section of their store.

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