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C.Cameron @cameron

I deleted my github account. It didn't have much on it, but I'm cranky about companies consolidating and gobbling each other up into one giant frankenmegacorp.

I want the internet to be a network of villages with weird yurts and converted school buses, not a few highrises each with a zillion sterile apartments. It's a silly metaphor, but you know what I mean.

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@cameron I want the physical world to be that way too but every time I say that I get abused!!

I hope the lessons we're learning from this corporate technological nightmare will teach people the value of having everything interesting, unique, and self-determining in general.


Totally! I hope we're learning some lessons as humans... And yes. Weird houses for all. :)

@DetectiveHyde @cameron abused because of a reaction to villages (and assumptions of inter village fighting/othering) or the neo environmental "we should all live in efficient high rise apartments in the cities"?

@Greg @cameron Abused because of the modern orthodox cognitive dissonance that recognises any attempt to preserve cultural difference in the undeveloped & developing worlds as necessary to avoid a global monoculture, but then demonises any attempt to shield developed (particularly European) nations from that same monoculture. Usually on fatuous grounds such as "That's (somehow?) racist."

I want to see the whole world kept interesting, GENUINELY diverse (as in people are encouraged to see difference, both on a personal and whole-culture level, as variety rather than non-compliance) and free of cultural imperialism.

The double standard in this sphere irritates me greatly.

@cameron The net must be a massive anarchist squat where everyone help each other, not some cyberpunk dystopia where everyone bow down to megacorps.

@Killiox @cameron I mean, even regular sized corps would suffice.

@cameron well I'm contributing to too many projects to stay out, but I'll definitely migrate the few projects of mine to framagit :D

@cameron I love a silly metaphor :-)! I’ll take a treehouse, I think.

Sweet. If we're getting serious about details, I'm very torn between a treehouse and a houseboat. The Ewok village was my dream when I was 10...

@cameron Ohhh, definitely the tree huts over the houseboat for me. It could be because I grew up in the woods but I find the forest so cozy.

At least there is no chance of sinking while you sleep with a tree hut

@MereLinuxMortal @BigDaddyLinux

Well I grew up in the corn fields next to the river, but now I live near proper forests and they are very homey. Especially since there isn't any poison ivy here, unlike the woods back home. So I think a treehouse overlooking a river would be the ultimate perfect thing.

@cameron don't worry, the weird yurts will always be there, you just aren't looking for new ones until the old ones are gone ⛰

I like that image of hurts and school buses. Well said.

@cameron The problem with deleting the account fully is that you may have to recreate an account in order to report bugs and make feature requests. ...always with the hooks...