Yes, I will download the 10mb AppImage rather than install the 2.4gb Flatpak app and dependencies, thank you. Goodness.

Abortion rates are down and have been for years. Safe, legal, and rare? We're already there.

Republicans' focus on late term abortion as an argument against abortion is incredibly disingenuous. A simple review of reputable public health information shows 93% of abortions take place at less than 13 weeks gestation while less than 1% are late term, which is after 20 weeks. In these cases, it usually performed due to a threat to the mothers' health or a serious issue in the fetus incompatible with survival.

Almost all late-term abortions are performed because it's discovered, late in the pregnancy, that the fetus has birth defects that are incompatible with life outside the uterus, or will mean a child will have a short, painful life if they are born alive.

It is always a difficult decision for everyone involved. Some choose to terminate and others have not. Bottom line is the decision is made by the person with their health care provider, no one else. 1/2

I'm thrilled to have found Recoll, as a way to use a GUI to search multiple text and pdf files in a folder. I have lots of reference files and want to be able to search the whole mess easily at one go. I'm sure there are nerdy command line ways to do this, but I do like me a nice visual interface for these things.

Thanks for the Debian inspiration, Mastodon buddies. After my Ubuntu install was locking up for no reason, I put Linux Mint Debian on my main computer as well as my little portable laptop, and I am completely loving it so far.

Age of Wonders Shadow Magic works on Steam, so that's the most important thing. :)

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. ​:boost_love:​

Got my M2452 retro Apple keyboard. It's pretty darn cute.

We just went to a symphony concert, and I am so inspired to get more serious about my violin again. I play in an orchestra and a small ensemble, but I'd like to step it up a notch in really working on the hard stuff. It feels good to be inspired!

Plus a bonus! With LMDE the keyboard backlight doesn't come on every time I turn it on or plug it in. That was really bugging me and I couldn't find a solution.

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Inspired by you fine folks, I'm trying out Linux Mint Debian on my little lower-power travel laptop. It is nice so far, and runs well. I had Ubuntu Mate on here before and it was pretty good, but faster is always better.

The Debian MuseScore package was wildly out of date, so I got an AppImage instead. This laptop doesn't have to do anything too strenuous, so this may work out great.

Seriously tempted to buy a 25 year old Apple keyboard to use instead of my loud mechanical keyboard. I just love old hardware so much.

The best laptop keyboard ever was my old silver G4 Apple Powerbook.

Now I'm curious about Linux Mint Debian, as an Ubuntu alternative.

I'm finding Firefox to be glitchy on Ubuntu 22.04, so I'm investigating new browser options.

Trying to install from Apt on Ubuntu, and it automatically converted to installing from Snap? Wow. That's not cute. I was trying the Apt version because the Snap version wasn't working right.

The "Old Icons" add-on for Thunderbird makes my email much easier to navigate. I didn't realize how much the colors influenced ability to spot the right folder. Gosh, that's refreshing.

Well, I couldn't debug the errors in a reasonable amount of time, so I just reinstalled it with Ubuntu Gnome.At least it works again...

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The GUI upgrade to Pop OS 22.04 isn't working properly - it did all the steps, but then the OS was still 21.10. So strange. And now my package manger is throwing errors. That's no fun.

I think I had a problem with this the last time I did an OS upgrade, but thought it was because my install didn't finish properly. Suspicious.

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