Do you folks know of an app to access all kinds of fediverse accounts? I like Tootle and Pinafore quite well, but wish I could add my Peertube account along side the Mastodon ones. I've looked, but haven't found anything thus far.

Screenshot Sunday, just because I have a shiny new install this week.

(Pop OS with Gnome and a sweet cartoon sci fi background)

Check out this lil gizmo, for converting an RSS feed to ActivityPub. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in Mastodon (or whatever). So cool.

Thanks @ondra for telling me about it.

Real talk: I'm kind of enjoying using Gnome. It's cute. Mate/XFCE are my comfy space, so I was not sure how I'd like it.

Do you folks have blogs you write? I'm doing an experiment where I use RSS as much as possible as an alternative to social media. I'd like to hear what projects you folks are working on, even if they use more than 400 characters at once. 😺

The new install seems good, although I did have to install ubuntu-restricted-extras to get video and some youtube videos to work.

I'm going to give Pop OS a go. Gnome is not traditionally my favorite, but I want to give it a proper chance and see how long I last. Plus it ought to play extra nice with my System 76 laptop. We shall see.

Dear Internet,
Look at this masterpiece!
I assume you all love Star Trek computer GUIs as much as I do. Of course you do.

Wondering how I can redesign my desk to look like a 1970s sci fi computer console...

Holy tedious manual removal of duplicate image files, Batman.

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Since it's I'd like to give a shout-out to the companies and groups who think the is worth their time.


Feel free to reply with any glaring omissions.

Also big shout-out to @popey for kicking off Ubuntu's new community instance

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I think there should be a better keyboard shortcut for minimize window. I always set it to Ctrl-H. I know there are other built in combos, but they are awkward to me. Is it weird that I feel so strongly about this?

I have an old Macbook Air that I put Elementary on to make a "just write, don't tinker" machine. It's quite nice.

For me the determining factor in picking a distro is how much I'll be tempted to fiddle with it, not will it run well. When I have Manjaro installed I can't help installing updates, trying new software and changing to some new exciting theme color.

I feel like I have to provide "parental controls" to keep my own inner 6 year old from going nuts.

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Oh wow, if you search for a hastag on ; pin it as a column and go into the column settings, you can add additional hashtags to that feed.

That near enough allows you to subscribe to hastags, that's awesome!

Can't believe that one slipped by me.

A challenge I want to do: Log into my husband's Steam account on my Linux machine, and see how many of his games will play. All part of a sinister plot to show him that using WIndows is silly. Plus it'll be an interesting survey of gaming on Linux and I might make an absurd video with the results.

It'll be extra ridiculous, since I'm the worst at videos games ever, and that's not an exaggeration. Except Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, my video game soul mate.

Well hey, this looks promising! A proper Linux tablet would be great. I secretly want a pinebook. Those Pine guys are doing cool stuff.

Ha! I got a spam message from the account, letting me know about my $5 million from the Bank of Nigeria. At least they're a little more honest than the rest.

"There's a thrall spot in the Wheel of Pain."

Oh my gosh. The things my husband says while gaming with his buds are hilarious. 😂

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