This is cool: The last open version of Scrivener from 2015 has been made into an appimage, so we can run it on Linux again.

I find managing a bunch of text files unwieldy for some projects, so it's nice to have this option.

(Yes, I'm sure there are some great CLI ones, but sometimes it's just nice to have a GUI.)

I need to do some major file reorganizing and felt nostalgic for a double pane file browser. I found this little gem and am just playing with it. It seems to work really well on Ubuntu Mate.

This is nifty - an RSS feed for Hacker News. I'm continuing my quest to never check a web site, just use RSS and Akregator for everything.

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What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible


So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. I hope your memories of her will be a comfort, and I know she will be with you in spirit till you meet again.

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in the past, it was common for people to write software for purposes other than helping tech companies monetize their users more effectively

#history #fact

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PSA to all #Seattle area folks. There's a new local Mastodon instance at It's pretty empty by now, but I think it makes sense to populate it so it becomes useful, and we don't have to subscribe to local Facebook groups anymore :-)

I dreamt I was supposed to give a talk at LinuxFest but couldn't remember what my main point was about, and Bryan Lunduke was just taking questions to cover for me. Then waking up, I thought I just forgot and missed LinuxFest altogether.

That's silly. 🙄 Guess I've been neglecting my Linux nerding lately?

Ah yes. Much better. I spent 6 months on Gnome as Pop OS, and it's nice, but it just doesn't compare to Mate for performance, and I like my computer to be snappy. I have 16 gigs of memory on this machine, so it has no business not being wicked fast.

I found a file called .ICEauthority on my Linux system, and was afraid that immigration wanted to deport my computer.

Might be about time to go back to my happy place of Ubuntu Mate...

Sometimes I want to do more web development again, but only if I can just handcode the htmls and csses.

Can there be a market for that? That sounds fun.

I'm thinking of finding a faster web host. Are there any hosting companies that are extra fast and extra ethical?

Pretty pumped about the Women's World Cup right now!

My bad soccer playing as an awkward kiddo sure makes me appreciate seeing it done right!

This is the second time (it's been a year or two since the first time), that my router decided to block access to my web site and I had to clone the MAC address in the router settings to get it to work again. Weird! But at least it works.

My gitlab pages site takes forever for changes to appear on the site, even though the commits were successful. That's not fun. I might look for other options.

@lunduke About keeping files on a USB drive: When I had four or five different operating systems at once on my 120 GB Macbook, I kept all my main files on a teeny usb drive that I kept plugged in all the time, so I could access them from whichever distro I was in the mood for at the moment. When I got a System 76 laptop, I forced myself to be a grown-up and only install one distro on it. I kinda miss all the hopping though.

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