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Even with a fresh install my computer isn't as snappy as I'd like. Granted, it is a 2011 Macbook Air, so not the fastest stick in the box no matter what. But waiting for computers to do stuff makes me cranky. Might be time to hone my i3 wm skills and skip the graphical UI altogether.

Did a fresh install of Ubuntu Mate 18.04. I do love a clean refresh of the machine once in a while.

Check out the groovy retro stylings of my new mouse from the computer recycling / thrift shop. My prize to myself after doing stupid paperwork this morning.

(On Firefox and Brave browsers)

For some reason I can't get images to enlarge from my mastodon feed. Just goes to a blank gray window, and when I refresh it goes back to my main feed page. What's that all about? It worked before...

It's pretty rad that I can go to imslp.org and download crazy amounts of public domain sheet music to play. I decided I was in the mood to try some Vivaldi and now have sheet music of 12 violin sonatas. The internet is magical.

Totally jealous of everyone going to Linux Fest Northwest this weekend. Next year it's for serious!

Have fun all y'all.

I love how I pretty much only follow linux nerdy people, but my feed is still full of cat pictures. Maybe it's a sign to post my own. I have lots! 😺

Been too busy to do any nerding for several months. So lame. Next months it's on: reinstall some operating systems and maybe make myself finally learn command line email. That sounds fun.

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Modern browsers and websites are a fucking memory hogging disgrace!

I'm retraining myself to not use social media, except for Mastodon which is the best, and instagram for werk. But I deactivated my facebook (I know, but I have a business page) and emptied out my twitter so I don't follow anyone but still own the user name and deleted my reddit. Weird how habit forming that stuff is even when I know it's dumb. Like having privacy abusing cupcakes in your pocket all the time.

Kind of missing the flip phone I had in 2005.

Worf is my favorite. Just in case you wondered.

I have been using Veracrypt for a little encrypted bundle for my text notes and records. It is a good program, but isn't generally in standard Linux repos, so I have secret fears about tying my files to one program. Do you guys use encryption for personal documents and stuff? Any favorite way to handle such things?

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Everytime I'm in a coffee shop, I look around and see about 80% Mac/iOS and 20% Windows.

Part of me doesn't want to be that guy, but part of me does and wants to stroll in with a laptop full of Linux stickers with a tiling window manager. I'd look around all proud while people stared thinking I was some hacker or shit.

Reality is though that nobody would give a fuck and it would just be me hunched over in a corner, paranoid that someone is looking at my screen over my shoulder...

I was excited to find mastofeed.com, to do a web feed of the mastodon account. An important part of my strategy!

I very appreciate that the new Firefox lets you block all web sites from asking for location and to send you notifications. That was the worst.

How about using private RSS feeds to share cat pictures, etc. with our families? Like small group/family IRC + email + RSS as a form of individually controlled network. I want to get on the bandwagon, but want a better, easy option to promote to my less nerdy family. There must be a way to have what we want without selling all our principles. I love Mastodon, but it's not as great for private chats with family. Something I've been pondering...

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