Anyone here have experience with this website. I am scared of being duped?

US Politics 

This has already been a rough week, and now I'm reeling from today's supreme court decision. I really don't want my country taken over by a bunch of theocratic nutjobs, but that's what it feels like right now. I'm so upset.

LinuxRocks Live Stream

Come join us Wednesday, June 22nd @ 8 pm CST

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I will post the peertube/youtube for those who just want to listen at a later time after I get it setup.

New best game: One person strings together random words to make a name for an anime, or picks the name of a real anime, and the other person has to guess if it's real anime or not.

LR Fund Raiser Status for replacement drive.

Current $269
Goal. $500

We are half way there. You folks Re awesome for the generosity you have gave.

We have a predictive drive failure on the LR Server.

If you'd like to donate to LR

Or if you know where I can get one at a good cost let me know.

MB8000JFECQ HP 8TB 7.2K 12Gbps SAS 3.5'' Hard Drive

I'm testing out leaving the mobile data off on my phone. I can still call and text. I'm downloading maps of my area so I can still use the maps, and my smart phone will be a semi-dumb phone when not on wifi, unless I really need it.

Seems like a good theory, we'll see.

Polyphonic overtone singing with Anna-Maria Hefele of Germany. 🤯

Big fan of the birdsite - activity pub bridge, so I can follow those couple of accounts I think are interesting, but through Mastodon.

Some old wordpress files got hacked in a backup folder on my server. Blarg. So this is a lil reminder to myself to clean up old files anywhere online. My main site is a static HTML site anyway, and that's how it's going to stay. I don't need to do any computing with my site, so I'll keep it as minimal as I can.

Well, what do you know. A few months ago I tried to get JPilot working to to sync my old Palm M500. I spent hours and no luck. Just now tried it fresh on my Debian Mint install, and it worked in 5 minutes. I just had to download and install the libpisock package first. Not sure what the difference is, but I'll take it!

I wasn't successful in getting the version I downloaded from the github page to work, but the Flatpak version downloaded from the Linux Mint Software Center works fine.

I'm on Linux Mint Debian so the theme is for Cinnamon, but it is supposed to work for other DEs too.

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Oh wow. This is the best thing I've found in a while. The Themix/Oomox theme designer. I am always cranky about not being able to set the colors in my desktop theme the way I like them, because I have sensitive eyes, and big opinions about colors, and don't want things too light or too dark, etc. And now I can twiddle with it to make it just the way I like! Hot dang.

I am hopping on the LibreWolf bandwagon. My low powered laptop running Linux Mint Debian is doing much better running the Cinnamon (software rendering) desktop option, but Firefox still locks it up once in a great while. So far LibreWolf seems just dandy.

I'm digging into the Gemini world. Any favorite nerdy or arty capsules I should be reading?

Cranking up Redshift even stronger helps. My screens are all super-uper redshifted and I love it.

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I really like this Firefox extension for adjusting the browser page colors to exactly whatever silliness I'm in the mood for at the moment.

I'm always trying to figure out my theming on my desktop, and never am quite happy. I have really sensitive eyes and light and dark themes are both unpleasant. I always want a low contrast theme that's not so harsh, and so install goofy things like this Cinnamon theme. I just want to turn down the saturation on everything with a backlight. I suspect this is opposite of many people who want things more vibrant.

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