Do you friends have favorite desktop Linux stock market tracking software?

I'm trying to set it up with KMyMoney, but it's not great. And I don't want a phone app or a web site, which seems to be everyone's favorite way to do things.

I like computer programs that run on my computer!

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What is the difference between the US Capitol and Mordor? 

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Bloody hell, @mike is going in for round 2 of #100DaysToOffload - I failed miserably last year due to some personal stuff going on, so I’ve been thinking about having another crack at it for 2021 too.

It's probably the fault of the double install, not Elementary OS.

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I think it's because I let it do the install alongside Linux Mint option, which might have messed up permissions or something. I don't have the patience to debug this kind of thing, when it's not a big deal (I don't have any data on the partition). Won't do that again.

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Now I can't log into my Elementary install. I give up. I keep trying to use Elementary because it's so cute and I like the work Daniel and Cassidy do and it keeps backfiring in different ways, and it makes no sense. Such a bummer.

For the record, I want real actual justice, not punching or guillotines, for Nazis and white supremacists. I don't think violence against wrongdoers is cuter than violence by wrongdoers. It just sounds like the French Revolution and that's not a good time.

US Pol 

Wow guys. I expected some nonsense, but this is beyond wild. Naive of me I guess, after the rhetoric these last few years.

In related news we now have a Democratic house, senate and presidency. Maybe because most Americans aren't in favor of this kind of insanity?

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I've discovered that Wine works better than I gave it credit for. I never had much luck with PlayOnLinux for Wine installs, and thought it was Wine's fault. But when I just ran the .exe file using wine in the terminal, I was able to run Roots Magic and it's been nearly flawless.

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My town is launching its own municipal broadband, which is pretty cool. We aren't in the service area yet, but hoping they'll get to us soon as they expand, which is in the works.

Even weirder, Manjaro Gnome won't boot from USB, but Manjaro XFCE will.

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For some reason my desktop won't boot from the Ubuntu USB, but Manjaro works fine. That's weird. But I guess I'm installing Manjaro now! That's fine. It's my second go-to anyway.

My old Ubuntu Mate install became slow and glitchy even after the 20.10 update, so it's fresh install time.

I am playing with Publii as a web site builder, because Wordpress is so slow and I love static sites, but I am a lazy nerd who wants a GUI right now.

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I hope more authors do this. The music industry already realized that DRM doesn't really help them, the publishing industry should follow suit.

It's cool seeing my own toots reminding me about software I'd forgotten. Thanks, past self!

I never thought I was a Gnome person, but I was pretty happy on Pop OS there, and when that install borked the other day I put on vanilla Ubuntu Gnome, and I really like it. How norm-core of me.

I'm definitely not the wild distro hopper and software twiddler I was a few years ago, wanting to try all the exotic distros.

(That Pop OS error was probably fixable, but I'd rather reinstall than debug most of the time.)

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