Today in adorable, impractical, outdated gadgets: The Apple Newton Emate 300.

Love it. It does the same thing as my Alphasmart, so I hardly need it, but if I ever find one for $5, it's mine!

Who else gets concerned about ship security when officers on Star Trek speak their passwords aloud to the whole room?

It's pretty silly that I am now, after seven years of working with Linux, I'm discovering that Virtual Box is pretty cool.

Just realized that building a Cyberdeck has been my secret dream. Didn't know it till I came across the reddit page, but suddenly my life makes sense.

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i'm done with politics, this is the only ruler i'll accept

Hey Americans! This is a fabulous time to double check your voter registration. When I changed my name the dude at the DMV said my voter registration updated at the same time, which was apparently a lie. Happily there's still just barely time to update my voter registration. There would be some serious fury if my vote didn't count this year because of administrative hubbub!

Revisiting the mind-exploding cuteness of my cat Vesper as a kitten. Cat and mouse. Ha!

(Also never again with the Macbook, but that goes without saying. Except I just said it. Sorry.)

I am making good use of Shotwell's duplicate finding function to sort out 15 years worth of messy photos. Starting with a blank slate, and importing photos one folder at a time, so it will only copy one of each photo into my Pictures folder.

All this because I spent five years juggling external harddrives with a small harddrive on a Macbook Air (never again with the small hard drive!). Now those days are over, and there is hope.

Another favorite software: Unison. Using it to try to make some sense out of my photo library from 2011 and get some backups did.

I would love an eink smart phone. I just found the Light Phone, which has raised way over its goal on indiegogo, and I really hope it is successful.

I'm playing with Evolution for email instead of Thunderbird. I kinda like it.

I just found out that Manjaro is making laptops now too (with StationX). Guess I'm behind the times, but I'm happy for all the made-for-Linux hardware options we can get.

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It's in a couple hours, so here we go. Rockin' Saturday night over here!

Ubuntu Mate 18.04, Pop OS dark theme, but with the Ambient Mate window borders.

While on distro-talk: I set my mom up with , dual booting on her Macbook, and she loves it, and uses it for most of her computing. She says the interface runs well and was easy to navigate and figure out. That says great things about Ubuntu Mate, and I'm proud of her for going for it, even though she's not a techie.

Guess I need to do too.

1. Ubuntu Mate
2. Manjaro XFCE
3. Linux Mint Cinnamon or Mate
4. Debian with Mate or XFCE
5. ? ...I've been so boring and haven't been testing distros. I like Solus and MX though, and flirt with Pop OS and Elementary sometimes because they look pretty, and then go back to Mate- and XFCE-running distros because they are fast.

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Chuck Norris, the foster hound dog we had for a week. He has a home now, but he's such a sweet pup, I wanted to post a picture of him anyway.

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