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US Pol. Voting 

If your state gives you a "mail in ballot" you can almost certainly go drop it off and either a drop box or a county office at a time of your choosing.

Mask up and go drop it off as soon as you can. Avoid any possible shenanigans.

Please repeat or boost this message so folks who haven't done this before understand.

Also early voting is your friend!!


I installed Zorin Lite, 32 bit, on my 2010 Dell netbook, and it runs pretty nicely! I had never tried Zorin before.

Turns out I really like the Solarized Light Gnome Shell theme. After using dark themes for ages, I find that a muted light theme is easiest on my eyes.


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I am going to try to find out who actually controls this so I can file a bug report about it, and not just be a snarky pants on the internet. :)

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Whoa. Pop OS's themes in GEdit are crazy. They are making the text within the <title> and <h1> tags larger, which seems like a nice thought, but they've taken it a little too far. 😲

This is using GEdit's Pop light or dark theme. Other themes are normal.

I'm going to use a different theme now because this makes me feel like I'm in a circus fun house.

DACA got off on a technicality though, so real, actual, permanent protections are still needed.

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Wow, that's two good things from the US Supreme Court in one week! These things give me a little more hope for my country.

Trump administration blocked from ending DACA protections:


Discrimination against LBGTQ peeps is illegal:

Started twiddling with themes for Gnome Shell on Pop OS (I know I'm not supposed to but I can't help it, this isn't about that). I used to be able to change theme through Tweaks, but now it doesn't take effect.

After digging through theme install code I found I can use terminal to go gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme 'theme-name' to set a new theme and that works.

Just glad I have something that works for now.

I had a fun time taking my mechanical keyboard apart the other day to clear out the shocking amount of cat hair in it. Pretty exciting that I can do that.

I went to an car protest yesterday, where 1500+ cars (at least 3500 people) were in a parade set up by the NAACP in southern Washington. It was heartwarming to see all the people take part, and so many supportive honks and waves from passers by. Basically a three hour traffic jam, but for the best reasons.

I'm not going to big protests because I need to be careful about the coronavirus, so I was grateful I could do this.

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It takes 9 days of nationwide protesting for anything resembling justice for a single police murder of a black man.

Yet in the process, countless more—including peaceful protestors and the press—were tear gassed, shot at, beaten, tazed, blinded, and attacked in their homes.

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Keep recording the police. Keep demanding reform. Keep being defiant. And keep protesting these injustices until real reform happens.

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Sean Parker of Napster got it pretty accurate with this one. I bet most people did not believe him at the time.

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Syncthing keeps being a bit buggy for me - slow to sync, not connecting properly sometimes, stuff like that. Do you guys have any other favorite local file sync methods?

I guess complaining works, because now I'm successfully finding other themes to try with my Jekyll site, and they are cooperating. Or maybe I'm just not doing it wrong anymore.

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*Complaining* Just can't get happy with my web site. Can't seem to edit the css the way I want, and when I try to change themes I get errors. Not one specific thing, just when I get one fixed there's something else. I'm tired of debugging but don't want to go back to wordpress.

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