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I very appreciate that the new Firefox lets you block all web sites from asking for location and to send you notifications. That was the worst.

How about using private RSS feeds to share cat pictures, etc. with our families? Like small group/family IRC + email + RSS as a form of individually controlled network. I want to get on the bandwagon, but want a better, easy option to promote to my less nerdy family. There must be a way to have what we want without selling all our principles. I love Mastodon, but it's not as great for private chats with family. Something I've been pondering...

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It's a horribleness monopoly.

I kind of wonder if there are any good internet providing companies. My company is being a jerk with price hikes, and looking at reviews it seems like every company is just as bad. That's depressing. I want that groovy community based option some people talk about so I don't have to go along with their shenanigans.

(Pardon my griping.)

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I've been using Ubuntu Mate as a daily driver for a couple years, while dabbling in Manjaro, Solus, OpenSuse and others. But I think Ubuntu Studio is my new best bud. Creative and stable and nerdy all at the same time is the unexpected Goldilocks zone. I'm disproportionately excited about this. :)

Pet peeve: When I'm googling something to find an answer and search results show me a forum where people just say "why don't you google it?"

(I prefer Duck Duck Go, but you get the idea.)

Now I'm curious about Ubuntu Studio. Not sure fully about the difference is between that and Xubuntu with a bunch of multimedia software installed, but I love the idea of Linux that caters to creative work.

Does anyone know of a good mastodon instance for art? I'd like to have a profile for my art stuff, but mastodon.art is not taking new registrations.

Why is Vero getting attention all of a sudden when Mastodon is clearly 100% the best?

Preaching to the choir, I know, but this is an interesting article about the psychological manipulation shenanigans of Facebook:

<Griping> I am totally happy with Linux 99% of the time, and the 1% is when I have to interact with another person's lame setup, like trying to get Skype to work on Linux, giving up and putting it on my dumb android tablet. I don't approve! 👿 </griping>

How do you guys handle file structure for downloaded software like appimages? I've always made a software folder in my home directory and stuffed it all there. Is that weird? Is there a better approach?

I like to use Builder for writing and stuff, and it it is extra cool because it is made by an actual human that I've actually met. Smashing job, @hergertme

Feeling a shortage of interesting nerdy open source videos and podcasts. You know, news, software, reviews, fun new stuff to try. I like Chris Were and Matt Hartley a lot. Who am I missing?

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I used to watch Strongbad practically every day, like 12 years ago. I just found it again and it's still awesome!!

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I put Linux Mint on my desktop machine. It's super fast and fixed the problem I was having running my favorite steam game (some dumb graphics driver glitch on Ubuntu Mate). Mint was my first full time Linux distro, so it's kinda sentimental too. I gave it a nice forest background and put on the Mint-Y dark theme, and it looks so pretty!