Just going to listen to Nina Simone all day! She's so magical.

I'm trying to track down some good Distro/DE resource usage data. Do y'all know of good source for this? I thought there'd be more benchmark info out there.

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Wondering if I should try Fedora again. It's been a while, and I liked it, though I'm worried about software selection not being quite as good as Ubuntu and AUR. 🤔

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If anyone wishes to view a feed of all the articles I've shared on you can add
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to subscribe through NewsBlur itself.

@HexDSL can he found at
and his RSS is

P.S. I wanted to try to reproduce the problem, so I reinstalled Manjaro with the same version from the USB stick, and then did an update and installed Pithos again. This time everything was fine. Now I think it was a big update and got interrupted due to wonky internet, and that corrupted the update. It's all good now, and fun to use a different distro, just for variety. I do like the AUR.

Today's goal: Pay no attention to play by play impeachment news. It'll only suck away my brain and not help my actual life. I can get the summary later.

It is a weird freaking time to be an American. 😬

I just put together that burning a paraffin candle is burning fossil fuel. That's weird. Pumpkin spice fossil fuel doesn't seem like it should be a thing.

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Switching to #Ecosia for a bit 🌱. All Ecosia profits are going towards helping #Australiafire and replant what has been lost

I've been Linuxing long enough that I've become lazy about my distros. Just want it to work and not have to fiddle with it. For a while I wanted nerdier distros and window managers and stuff. Now I'm just like "Maybe I'll install Mint?"

I know I've alienated half my Masto-followers now. Sorry. 😉

I seem to have I broken my Manjaro XFCE install by installing Pithos for GTK through the AUR. Suddenly the Whisker menu wasn't installed, and then I couldn't log in. Suspect that it removed some XFCE components and replaced with GTK ones...

I'm sure it told me that in the list of dependencies, but I'm lazy about that.

I could try to debug it, but it's not my main machine so it's not worth the trouble. A clean reinstall is easier.

I think it's funny when I find a new way to break an install.

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I sure hope the US will get better at train travel, with more routes and options. I would love to never fly again except internationally.

The whole airline system is unpleasant to use, being built for maximum profit, not for happy customers, and it's awful for the environment and climate.

For the friends I want to visit (about 1500 miles away), the train takes twice as long as the driving time to get there on multiple trains and buses, which is not so fun.

Just cranky about all this today.

I've been liking Newblur for RSS, but I can't log in through Firefox. Very weird. Falkon works though, so at least I have an alternative to Chromium, which I prefer to use just for web site testing.

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PROGRAMMER TIP: When running a query that process over a million rows of data, quietly say the programmer's prayer - "Hold on to your butts" - before hitting the execute button

I got so much gross paperwork done this morning. I deserve a prize. Coffee!

Just witnessed a whole conversation on a non-nerdy chat group about the evils of Facebook and big tech in connecting with people, finding local events and so on. No one has the perfect answer yet, but it's so encouraging to see that non-techy people are looking for better answers and a bunch of them already refuse to use FB.

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