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I can now open, write and save a text file in vim. Whoa. I'm practically a master. 😆

Now I'm obsessed with TwitRSS.

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The simple fact that I need Reader Mode to read practically every single commercial web page tells you everything you need to know about the state of the web. #accessability

Is there a hashtag like or something that I can passive aggressively add to posts when I have to use other social media platforms? 😀

I'm trying out some Open Street Map apps as a google maps replacement. What do y'all do?

I have an old iphone currently, and don't get a new one because I don't like any of the choices. Rooting for Purism to come along...


Final verdict, I'm handcoding my Neocities site, rather than using Hugo. Uploading files to neocities is kind of a hassle if there are very many. Plus it's just refreshing to get back to my HTML/CSS roots. I have another project that's a little more involved, and I'll use Hugo for that.

Meanwhile, this is the lil thing I was working on: secretgeekery.neocities.org/

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Take me down to the paradox city where the grass is green and the grass isn’t green

Tough choices: Should I put my nerd ponderings on a Neocities site or a Hugo site? I know they are different, but I've been using them both and like them both so much.

This is a delightful project. Teach kids groovy computer skills, and shed light on security vulnerabilities. It's like when I learned to pick locks. It illustrated that just because something is locked doesn't mean someone can't get in, it's just a measure of how badly someone wants to get in. People probably want to get into election results web sites a little more than they wanted to get into my 1994 oldsmobile.


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I like Rhythmbox, but had to add a plugin so that the close button really closes the app. That's silliness. At least this is out there:


It's hot and I needed to post on instagram for work. I'm so grumpy now.

Playing with Hugo static site generator this morning. I love not waiting 9 seconds for every admin page to load.

Searching Vim related things now, and the first Duck Duck Go listing is "Save on Vim at Walmart!"

No. They are doing that wrong.


Looks like UberWriter is still alive as a flatpak. I don't know if it will stay active, but I'm fond of that little program, so yay.


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Went to #Olympia today and saw this very cool poster. People are working on #meshnetworks I wanna do this!

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire


My response to Mariana Mazzucato’s article in MIT Technology Review titled “Let’s make private data into a public good”

Let’s not.

You cannot base a public good on a normalised systemic violation of human rights.