Just found out that my town is working on a project to provide municipal internet in the next year or two. The possibility of freedom from Frontier and other crap ISPs would be amazing! I'm excited.

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Anyway here's a stream of Terry Crews painting in a cozy living room with a crackling yule log

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Some tech battles we've lost but that I'm still grumpy about:
- phones should be smaller
- and have headphone jacks
- links in emails should not all point to opaque tracking URLs

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One day you’ll wake up and realize that instead of posting online you could have been tossing messages into a peat bog.

Flatpak is nice, but I had to switch to the non-flatpak version of some, because it was eating up disk space in my OS partition. I know you can change the location for those files, but that sounds like a project I don't want to mess with today.

Dark mode browser extensions are my new favorite. White web pages just seem blinding to me at this point.

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If you really want to help Firefox succeed, file a bug on webcompat.com/ when you find a broken website. Don't just switch back to Chrome; let Mozilla know there's a problem so they can try to fix it.

When browsers lose market share, they fall into the "compatibility death spiral." Sites don't bother to test, they break, and users flee to the browser that "just works." Mozilla is fighting this battle every day, and it just got harder.

My brain feels better since I threw away facebook.

All this Australia anti-encryption nonsense reaffirms my love of offline computers, not to mention pens and physical notebooks for my thoughts. It's weird when love of technology turns you into a luddite.

I know that doesn't solve the problem, but this stuff is scary and it's hard to know how to protect ourselves when ideas like this catch on. The internet feels plenty insecure already, based on the frequency of data breaches.

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My Mastodon home feed isn't chronological today. What's that about?

It has to be a glitch, right? There's no way Mastodon is going algorithmic - all you wonderful FOSS folks would have a meltdown (and me too).

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2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

I made a separate facebook account to keep my business page up, though I don't use it much, and closed my account. Don't even know why I was still on there.

I sent Firefox some feedback about this.

However, when I installed the Snap version of Firefox from the Ubuntu Software Center, I got the option to install updates when I dang well feel like it. That makes me feel better.

I keep software pretty darn up to date, just don't like being bossed around by my computer!

I don't mind firefox installing updates in the background, but I do mind it hijacking my browser so I can't do anything else till I restart.

Researching how to copy image files that have duplicates and choose the larger of the two to keep. I don't feel like it should be hard to do, but no luck yet.

I am celebrating Black Friday by drinking coffee, not leaving the house. It's pretty good.

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I'm doing a bit of an exploratory UI survey, and I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm trying to understand and quantify a few things, so if you have approximately two minutes, could you fill this out? Sharing helps a ton, too! goo.gl/forms/rx6rSHmt3B1ftAih2

Follow-up: I didn't install Gentoo (one day!), but my Dell Mini 10V runs so great with MXLinux. It's actually a respectable, usable computer. I'm going to use it for writing at the coffee shop.

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