might have found a distro using KDE I'm happy with. Feren OS is neat

Fedora 30 seems to be a solid release. first Fedora release that has gotten me to actually stick with it, too!

In other news, XFCE might have dragged me away from plasma (willingly ofc)

Well, built my first Android ROM using entirely custom device trees. Surprisingly there wasn't that much editing that needed to be done for it to build in a bootable state. Just a few files in device/essential/mata and make /tmp larger on the host system

I did at one point years ago before I settled on Plasma in the dark ages of KDE 4.x

Wonder what DE I should throw in my new Arch install... Might go with my favorite KDE, but lxqt sounds interesting...

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Today is Jabber's 20th anniversary!

On this day in 1999 Jeremie Miller announced an "Open Real Time Messaging System" on Slashdot.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/xmpp/status/108121

Bahaha scammers these days, they're a new breed of idiotic, aren't they?

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Just FYi if you try to send me a cease and desist email spoofing the FBI for linuxrocks serving illegal content it my be best if you did not relay it through gmail servers.

Just saying......... Idiots LOL

Might just move my Linux ventures over to my desktop PC as an Optimus powered laptop don't play nicely with Linux. On the plus side I can then mess around with stuff I wouldn't otherwise

@hund yeah, I can see the downside now that I think on it, definitely an inconvenience

@omnipotens my story is back when Vista was the newest Windows available, I had the cheapest laptop of all budget laptops and kept getting BSOD's on at least every other boot, so I got pretty tired of that pretty quickly and tried Ubuntu 10.04 in a dual boot, haven't looked back since I found out WoW played well in Wine a few months later and went Linux full time.

@hund I don't think that's very ironic. Dual booting is also decent for seeing what's out there without a VM


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...