Tell me your story
How did you get into Linux.

My story, the first time was chatter on a BBS that slackware 2 was just released curious I started the download. Realizing I was not going to be able to download it by myself I recruited friends. We all downloaded a couple of the 70+ disk each. Installed it and said now what lol. I met a still close friend by slackware 3 that talked me into trying it again and we went to his work at a ISP and downloaded it. When the journey truly began.


@omnipotens my story is back when Vista was the newest Windows available, I had the cheapest laptop of all budget laptops and kept getting BSOD's on at least every other boot, so I got pretty tired of that pretty quickly and tried Ubuntu 10.04 in a dual boot, haven't looked back since I found out WoW played well in Wine a few months later and went Linux full time.

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