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ytp (CLI youtube searcher) has been UPDATED with AMAZING NEW FEATURES like:

- Showing video durations!


- Being able to search in the command thingy without pressing x first because why not


(* no more)

I downloaded an app from fdroid to track my financial situation now that I've moved from home. I literally can't money... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My body hurts from carrying this bag. Why does clothes weigh so much 😔

Ah, yet another waiting game. Good thing it's not that cold.

Why does everybody assumes you can fix all their problems, just because I write code (read: work with computers).

I have no clue how your third-party Microsoft login works or why your calendar is read-only on your new computer. Pay someone to look at your problems like you pay your plumber, because I'm not your personal tech assistant.

End of this rant, thanks for listening fediverse.

Seeking couch in Dublin, overnight Feb 3rd. Will buy you a beer if you show me a good pub. Please boost!

I updated my GitLab repo with some freshly made new icons. They're not the best, but are free to use under GPL. There are also 2 whole projects, so you can look at my messy, newby workflow.

NewPipe is a really great app, we should use it more as an example of why FOSS puts users first and proprietary software doesn't

which part of your domain do you not understand

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..