Just discovered this:


Since Apple may soon block independent repairs and/or obsolete my MacBook Air I know where my next laptop is going to come from... 🤓

Also interesting: tuxedocomputers.com

They have some interesting laptops and workstation configurations with AMD Ryzen CPUs.

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@ParadeGrotesque Damn, 5 year guarantee is such a good selling point. The only country that has 5 year guarantee for hardware in Europe is Norway, and that's like over 1k krone (Norwegian currency) afaik + iirc :linus:

350 euros for a 5 year warranty extension on Tuxedo.

Kinda pricey. I'd like to know if their computers are worth it, though.


@ParadeGrotesque That sucks, i thought you get it with any of their hardware. It's too pricey imo, you can get like 2 x220-230 Thinkpads. Yeah, they have good advertisement but they might not be as good.

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My philosophy has always been: unless you drop it on concrete, a computer should work when opening the box.
If it works when you open the box, it's probably good until you drop it on concrete... 😋
If it does not work when you open the box, you can replace it anyway, simply by putting it back in its box, and sending it back.
5 years warranty on something like a laptop is probably overkill (but that's just me).

@ParadeGrotesque That's a good philosophy haha Yeah, it is, but then again you have older, non-tech people that want their laptops to work, so from that angle 5 years is a really good deal for them. But i do agree that 5 years in general is kinda overkill.

If you have "older" people, they should be on iPad, IMHO. Much less work for the maintainer of said hardware.

Yes, in my family, that's usually me. How did you guess?

And older users are the worst: computer does not work? Too slow? Weird virus thingie? Just replace it!

@ParadeGrotesque hahahahhahaah i somewhat feel your pain, Mr Parade 😂

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