I'm like the biggest amateur at doing work thingy, but it's interesting, fun, and i'm curious about it so i make some stuff sometimes. This one was made for my wannabe DJ buddy, and even tho i think giving yourself tinnitus willingy is a bad thing, he still likes listening to . So yeah, anyways, me on the cover art + his little lazor visuals, all done in and software. (i'm taking credit for that witty title too)


Oh God, someone is drilling something right above my head.

Jokingly told my aunt to buy me a kinder egg and she actually did it. Certainly a surprise. This also made my day. 😊

Cousin converted to Linux ✅
Open source games installed ✅
Today was a good day❓
Today was a good day ✅


(he was impressed with how he can use his phone as a mouse and multimedia remote controller on Linux)

RSS reader - built on electron. Like, just use browser at this point.

I never knew how satisfying is to tidy up your bookmarks all nice and neat.

linux.org now redirects you to some random persons twitter :linus:

I don't know why i didn't seach for this earlier, but props to guys from GoL server for showing me (and searching for me).

Alias completion - github.com/cykerway/complete-a

Works the same way as bash completion does. Requiers minor tweaking to the .sh file and you need bash completion to be preinstalled.

While we at it, i might play some games too tonight. Haven't done so in a few days now.

Went to my little cousin's to install few games on his PC only to re-realize what a PITA winblows is. Going again over weekend to install Linux and set him up with some nice open source games and wine.

Finally home. I have traveled so many kilometers in the past 3 weeks it's insane.

Damn, lady at the embassy told me i have 60yo man fingerprints luuul

Fingerprint readability was bellow 50%. It's not the first time it happened tho, but i never thought it was that bad and my hands/fingers look completely normal :linus:

Okay, now it's Mastodons turn. We can do better than 125, mates!

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