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Oh wow, @kokan and i are in the new changelog under the translators. 2 man team strong, hell yeah ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ˜

I just discovered "soso lala" and it's my new favourite thing.

We already had Picture-in-Picture mode in Firefox on Android phones, but using it on laptop is dope.

Any distro saying "this is replacement for x or y OS" can fuck off.

Nowadays, I rarely use anything like LibreOffice for writing text; only for reading rich files like .rdf, .doc(x), or .odt.

Vi or Pluma suits me just fine. #plaintext #plaintextproject

The Plain Text Project

The never ending quest of finding good radio stations. Then again, i love to dig.

Some reading about how to make PKGBUILD while listening to this Greek electro radio called Offradio. Hopefully, i understand this and help with maintaining packages. Never done it before, but who knows...

After x times of trying (and failing) to install with UEFI, i just disabled it.

Why did i even touch anything aka "how to learn linux" :linus:

Firefox is giving internet fake info about my location/os. Thank you based Mozilla for free vpn/os mask! ๐Ÿ™

>guy buys pinebook
>puts linux on it
>complains about it not having the same build quality trackpad as macbook

Logic quietly leaves the room.

When she says "You know you've only got one chance"... woooo, what a chord change!

Tina Charles - Dance Little Lady Dance (Audio)

Bought Doom games, got Elder Scrolls for free. Also, Battlevoid: Harbinger which is available for Linux.

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