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Oh wow, @kokan and i are in the new changelog under the translators. 2 man team strong, hell yeah 👌 😁

I want to recommend this non systemd distro again. It's cozy, nice and runs on my x230 w/o any issues. It's also based on Arch.

So, to keep my laptop as much as lightweight as i can, imma go with "fuck off systemd" route.

My new old x230 finally came through. It only took them 2 months...

So... like sub 20hrs of travel in the past 48hrs. Noice. Imma sleep whole day tomorrow.

Maaaaan... my tshirt is soaking wet. 30+ temps pls staaaahp

I had the weirdest dream ever... i threatened a guy because he wanted to buy a few kilos of penguin meat... Do people even eat penguin meat? 🤔

If can help Me and my Family that would be great and Thank You very much if you Fundraiser by Dorothy Komula : Help me help my Dad and son

I've been searching for a penguin plushy in 2 counties and failed. I swear to god that penguins are rarest toys to find. Burek over & out.

Folks I don't know how many of you know Greg @G_Dog1985 he has been a essential part of LR since the beginning and is still the person who does all the maintenance to the server to keep us updated and secure.

He has unfortunately fell on some difficult times. He has had cancer for sometime and his grandpa is also ill and cannot work leaving it all on the shoulders of his mother to support the house. If you have any pocket change to share here is a good cause

That song was my bass practice for tonight. I connected PC and headphones to my little Marshall amp. It's so convenient to practice that way. Although, it would be so much easier if i had an audio card. I could finally record stuff and finally continue producing, only this time on/with Linux.

When you're listening to a trippy song with earphones and stereo voice in the songs comes in and says something and you're lookng around checking if someone came in the room.

Shout out to my man Verdine White for keepin' that groove tight as hell.

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