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Oh wow, @kokan and i are in the new changelog under the translators. 2 man team strong, hell yeah πŸ‘Œ 😁

I really gotta buy new set of strings. Goddamn korean piece of shit is changing colour and i can't clean dead skin properly due to them being roundwound. They also started leaving green colour on my fingers. NEVER CHEAP OUT ON STRINGS, MUSIC PEOPLE!

19:10 and it's daylight still. Such a strange feeling. Luv me sum spring.



If you're using VLC, this radio station is already in the icecast radio directory.

Apparently, the whole city is without electricity atm. Dammit. I wanted to play some games.

it might be a good time to restart my blog and start learning music theory for bass guitar. Writing about it might kill some time. πŸ€”

Factory is closed until further notice, so now i can just be lazy af. 😩

I wish i could English properly. Oh, well...

It might not be for everyone, but i just gotta say this once again... KDE Neon is just great! Been rockin' it both on PC and x230 for a few months now w/o any issues. It even works great with Nvidia without any additional configuration and no screen tearing! I'm kinda empted to hop over to OpenSUSE TW KDE, but i cba with rolling distros atm (or Leap). So yeah, give it a shot fediverse. You might like it. :kdeneon:

There was a 7 year long hiatus but... I think it's gonna be 14 years this year since i picked up my first guitar and not long after that my first bass guitar. I still suck at it πŸ’ͺ

New article on my blog: Kubuntu Linux 19.10 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide:
#kubuntu #krita #linux #install #guide

Okay, here it is. The first screenshot of #hikari on #Wayland EVER using #wlroots screencopy protocol. I've decided to add it as a compile option. Enjoy! #FreeBSD #Linux #Wayland

Today was a day full of small, chill activities. Coffee outside, played the bass a little bit, and i just got back from a walk + bought a kebab. Now, i really dislike 1st shift work week. Anyhow, here's a song:

I regret doing nothing every weekend and then when work week starts i want to do nothing over the weekend. 🧐

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