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Oh wow, @kokan and i are in the new changelog under the translators. 2 man team strong, hell yeah 👌 😁

A single man tries to find his next date the 'old-fashioned' way -- offline. | Offline Dating

Reminder that once your project does one thing and does it well,

Stop. Next project.

I asked them to open ports and the guy was like "You use IRC? Really...?". Fuck yeah i use IRC. I also told them net speed is like 500kbps in my room, and he said "That's okay". Maybe in 2005.

I can't believe there are no open ports on this network. It's like... i can't use irc or tray radio or torrent. Wtf?!

Blasting "Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face" to a guy next room listening to his shitty folk music without headphones. And a bit of Behemoth, of course. He turned it off. Death/black metal wins.

Seen on the Freenode #openbsd channel... 

I'm very pleased to announce that Sunday was chill af. Also, I'm happy that i can run The Binding of Isaac flawlessly on my x230.

As i wrote that, ghost update of fedilab appeared on fdroid and started downloading an update from few days ago. It's just not oss day today... 😔

It's like someone is DDoS-ing tag. It's loading slowly af, both on PC and smartphone.

I started a convo with a girl that i think is cute and now I'm nervous as hell. 😦😧😨

Fedilab updated on playstore but not on fdroid...

I don't know what i expected from Batwoman. Such a bad show.

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