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Oh wow, @kokan and i are in the new changelog under the translators. 2 man team strong, hell yeah 👌 😁

Sway & wlroots has a dedicated budget for hardware, travel, etc. It's going to be empty after partially covering travel to XDC 2019 ( developers conference). If anyone is feeling generous and is able to help us refill it, please make a donation with the comment "for the sway/wlroots general budget":

Thank you ❤️

A bit of a hipsterish message on it, but these bic lighters are the best thing ever. They last few months, ez pz.

Gnome : leave our DE be as it is, don't change anything!!11!1

Plasma 5.16 : Improved theme installing +
Widgets adapt ‘perfectly’ to themes


11 minutes and 53 seconds of pure perfection.

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy 1995 Montreux Jazz Festival

Zakk Wylde is such a badass, yet so funny and chill.

Manyverse is an Android app for the Scuttlebutt social network.

Scuttlebutt is very unusual: it has no servers. All the data people share is stored on their own devices, and on the devices of people they share it with.

It's also unusual because it can work off-the-grid, via bluetooth or local wifi.

Manyverse is available from @fdroidorg and Google Play, and there's an iOS version on the way:

You can follow Manyverse at:


#Scuttlebutt #Alternatives

These "imma simple man, i see..." posts need to stop. That pseudo meme died like 5 years ago.

I swear to god, this guy is eating like a fucking monkey. Close your mouth, you old ass animal.

There's a guy so drunk they're taking him out on a chair. Speechless. :linus:

Ok, this beer ended me. Pls F in the replies.

Round three (after some gin & tonic), 12% alc, 0.33ml belgian beer.

Round two. Dark lager hailing from Poland, some chicken, baguette and bbq ketchup.

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