Just made risotto for the first time since forever, and now i regret that I've not made risotto for every single meal my entire life

alias for the day you quit your job

`yolo=git commit -am "deal with it" && git push origin master -F && rm -rf / --no-preserve-root`

@komish After about a week, I can say that they take some getting used to, because they really don't work that well if you press them too far from the center of the cap. Being a very inconsistent typer, this is definitely a thing I would like to have known before buying.
However now that I've used it for a while, it doesn't bother me almost at all, which is great.
And the split in half thing, is something I won't go without in the future

@komish That's true, but I'd assume that the ml switches gain atleast some traction over the next couple of years to allow companies to explore caps for them

@komish Don't think i've ever used the rshift. Bad practice, I know, but i also backspace with my ringfinger

@G_Dog1985 what's the deal with pinafore, anyways? Is it functionally better than the default webclient?

@hund Ordered a Mistel md650 a couple of days ago! really excited to get something smaller than an old 100%

@hund ortho is fine. I think the wobble is due to very poor keycaps. My spacebar pops off more than once a day, lol

@hund just a very generic mechanical. It's fine, but I would like something that has a more stable keytravel (somehow these are very wobbly), smaller (current one is full size), and prefereably split, so i can widen my posture. I tend to scoot my chair under my desk and lean back quite a bit

@hund I'm really satisfied with the mx reds in my current one, but i really need something that puts less strain on my wrists

@hund yup :) Haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet though :P

@hund Do you have any good suggestions for a mechanical split keyboard, that has options for all the keys we scandinavians love?

@hund Neat! Gonna set that up today! How does your ss command work?

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